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Electric Fires

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Offering the best of both worlds, Homebase electric fires capture the warming glow of a real fire while providing low-maintenance, controllable and efficient heating. From striking contemporary silhouettes to more traditional double door designs, our wide range of electric fireplaces and stoves are simple to install and allow for flexible positioning - making a stylish and functional addition to any space.

Electric fires create ambience, are a great home heating solution, and will become the instant focal point of any room. With an array of styles to choose from - from the most contemporary wall-mounted fires to traditional log burning stoves - finding the right fit for your home is simple.

What should I look for when buying an electric fire?

Different fires will use a different heating technology to warm your space. Generally, Homebase electric fires use either infrared or fan heater technology to warm up a room. Fan heater electric fires work by passing electricity through a metal coil, causing it to heat up. This heat is then blown around the room by a fan.

Alternatively, the technology used in infrared electric fires allows them to directly warm up objects and people. Infrared rays, which aren't visible to the eye, are radiated from the electric fire and travel through the air in straight lines, warming up any surfaces that they come into contact with.

Why choose an electric fire over a real one?

Both of these methods are highly effective at generating heat without the mess and potential for injury that comes with a traditional fire. Many electric fires have a realistic flame-effect which uses either an LED display or internal lit element, helping to create the warm glow and inviting atmosphere associated with fuel-burning fireplaces.

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