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Moisture Absorbers

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Moisture absorbers help to keep musty smells and potential damage from mould, damp and mildew at bay by soaking up excess moisture from the air in our homes. A great solution for spaces that are too small for a dehumidifier, you can use a disposable moisture absorber to banish excess moisture and condensation from utility rooms, cupboards, wardrobes and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

With so many homes struggling from excess condensation, mould and damp, moisture absorbers are an affordable, effective and easy-to-use solution. Use in conjunction with a dehumidifier to help banish musty smells and damp from your home for good.

What is a moisture absorber?

A moisture absorber is a small plastic box that is filled with absorbent beads. When placed in the home, they help to absorb excess moisture from the air, that could otherwise cause damp, excess condensation and even mould. Once in place, you will start to see water collect in a chamber beneath the absorbent beads. Once this chamber is full, you can dispose of your moisture absorber and replace it with a new one. Refillable options are also available that simply require you to empty the water and replace the absorbent material.

Where to place a moisture absorber

Moisture absorbers are best suited to small, enclosed spaces like wardrobes, cupboards, under beds and in airing cupboards. If you need to remove excess moisture from a larger space or your whole home, a dehumidifier is a cheap to run and very effective alternative.

How to dispose of a moisture absorber

Once the water chamber of your moisture absorber is full, it's time to replace it. Check the recycling facilities of your local council, as you may find that some plastic elements such as the lid and film wrapper are able to be recycled. Otherwise, you can dispose of your moisture absorber in your normal black bin.