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How To Silicone Seal A Bath

Tools for the job:

Step 1. Put masking tape around the edge of the bath

Start by masking off where you’re going to silicone your bath. Work from the back corner, keeping at least 3mm from the wall. This will help keep the silicone edge neat.

Silicone seal a bath step 1

Step 2. Apply the silicone

Wear safety gear and use your safety knife to cut open the silicone, always cutting away from your body. Before you attach the head of your silicone, cut off the tip at a 45-degree angle. Bend the silicone bottle head, so you can get as close to the bath edge as possible, then load the silicone into the caulking gun. Wearing safety glasses, apply the silicone, beginning in the furthest corner so you don’t touch any new silicone when you lean over the bath. Apply silicone to both the base and the wall.

Silicone seal a bath step 2

Step 3. Smooth the silicone

Use the silicone applicator to smooth the silicone edge as you go.

Silicone seal a bath step 3

Step 4. Remove the masking tape

Pulling away from the silicone, peel your tape off before the silicone dries. If you let it dry you might pull your silicone off when you remove the tape. Leave the silicone to dry.

Silicone seal a bath step 4



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