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Electric Blankets

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Stay cosy in the cooler season with our range of irresistible electric blankets. Whether you’re hunkering down on the sofa for the evening or curling up in bed, our plug-in electric blankets will keep you toasty wherever you lounge. With low-energy styles available, an electric blanket can be a smart way to keep warm too - ensuring that you stay snug without heating up spaces in the home that aren't being used.

If you’re hunting for a cost-effective way of keeping warm through the long winter nights, look no further than an electric blanket and browse our bedding range to chase away the chill while you sleep.

How much do electric blankets cost to run?

As we look for ways to cut down on our energy bills, it’s safe to say that electric blankets are an effective way to stay toasty when the temperature drops. While specific costs can vary depending on how long you run it for and at what temperature, on average, electric blankets can cost as little as three pence per hour to run. This is about a tenth of the cost of a kilowatt hour of electricity.

How do electric blankets work?

As effective as they are for keeping you cosy and warm, electric blankets are surprisingly simple. Very fine, flexible wires are weaved throughout the fabric, which heat up when the blanket is plugged in. However, as these wires are very thin, there’s no risk of feeling them or being poked by them while you’re cuddled up under your blanket.

How safe are electric blankets?

Like any device connected to mains electricity, some understandable risks come with using heated throws, bedsheets and blankets. However, with responsible use, they are completely safe to enjoy.

When you’re using your heated blanket, be sure not to bend or fold it tightly. It’s also advised to avoid spilling liquids when using your blanket, and not to cover it with another throw or duvet when it’s being used.

Once you’ve finished using your electric blanket, take care to unplug it.