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There’s nothing that goes unnoticed more than washers. Yet, these small fittings are just as fundamental as screws, bolts and nuts are. Whether you’re shopping the essential for a new project or you simply want to keep your toolbox well-stocked for your everyday maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

From rubber washers, hose washers and non-metal washers to general purpose washers, our selection includes a variety of sizes and finishes to help you achieve the best results. If you are looking for a reliable and corrosion resistant kind of washer to use in your indoor and outdoor project, you’re in the right place.

Shop the full range of washers online or in store today.


The humble washer actually performs some very important functions. Firstly, it means you’re tightening a nut up against a smooth rather a rough surface, which reduces the chance of the nut working itself loose. Secondly, it prevents damage to the surface by spreading the pressure of the nut.

Homebase has a wide range of these toolbox essentials, in different sizes and finishes. We also stock rubber washers for use within a range of appliances, hose washers that are essential for gardening and tap washers to help prevent or repair leaky taps in the home.

Non-metal washers have corrosion resistance, which makes them a good option for wet conditions, or in external use. Check out our range in-store or online and pick up the perfect washer for your job.