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Bolts and nuts are the power duo your DIY project needs. These tiny fittings have the immense power of holding all of your home together. That’s why stocking up on the right ones is essential to keep everything up and running.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or you’re just getting started, our range of nuts has everything you need to make your project a breeze. Browse our selection of ergonomic and versatile hex nuts and sturdy and reliable construction nuts for a snug fit.

Available in different sizes and styles, our range of nuts can be used on outdoor and indoor projects alike, providing you with the highest levels of safety and strength. Shop your the full range nuts and bolts on our website or in store for all your DIY needs.


Paired with a bolt, a nut is vital when fixing things together. There’s a reason why people talk about ‘getting down to the nuts and bolts’ – they’re just about the most practical thing in your entire toolbox.

Our range of bolt nuts ensures you’ve got exactly what you need when you get to work on your next DIY job. Widely-used hex nuts are easy to grip at more angles than a square nut, making them extremely versatile. A construction nut is also great to have to hand. Strong, resistant and often a better option than a weld, they’re extremely sturdy and simple to remove when disassembling.

You can choose from a wide selection of nuts of different types and sizes, with the peace of mind that they’re well-machined for a quality, snug finish.