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Find the perfect new toilet to tie your bathroom together and add to your overall aesthetic. From soft contemporary curved edges to traditional heritage shapes, you can find the right toilet and cistern to suit your interior bathroom style with Homebase.

Our range of bathroom toilets offers various designs and shapes, including traditional, contemporary and modern. You can choose from modern closed coupled toilets with a rimless look, as well as more old-fashioned, back to wall toilets. We even offer wall hung toilets by Duravit and Bathstore. If the size of your new toilet is important, we've got you covered with small and large toilets to suit almost any bathroom. No matter the style, our toilets are easy-clean and designed for convenient living.

Whether you’re wanting to refresh your entire bathroom or simply modernise your toilet situation, Homebase has a great range of new toilets to browse online or in-store today. Looking for more inspiration? Read our blog on bathroom design ideas.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you unblock a toilet?

Read our handy blog on how to unblock a toilet.

How do you clean a toilet?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to clean a toilet:

1. Add toilet cleaner to the bowl.

2. Let this soak while using an all-purpose disinfectant to clean the outside of the toilet, the base and floor. If you wish, detach your toilet seat to clean underneath.

3. After waiting the appropriate time for the toilet cleaner to work (check the bottle's instructions), use a toilet brush to scrub the inside of the bowl. Be sure to clean underneath the rim, as this area is often overlooked.

How do you fix a toilet flush?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to fix a toilet flush:

1. Purchase any toilet spares you need in advance.

2. Close off the water supply valve and flush the toilet. This will leave the cistern empty while you work.

3. Remove the flushing mechanism and gently lift it out of the cistern.

4. Check the plug and flushing valve seals for signs of damage or wear. Clean or replace them as necessary.

5. Refit the valve seals and flushing mechanism.

6. Reopen the water supply valve and test the mechanism. If it's working, replace the cistern lid.

If, after this, your toilet is still failing to flush, contact a plumber. How do you unblock a toilet?

How do you remove a toilet?

Read our handy blog on how to remove a toilet and install a new one.

What is a rimless toilet?

A rimless toilet is a toilet without a rim. It does not have water flushing down but instead shoots water towards the edge and around the toilet bowl. This helps the water cover the entire inside of the bowl, including hidden crevices that are usually left uncleaned when flushing a normal toilet.

How do you fit a toilet?

While it is possible to fit anew toilet yourself, the process requires knowledge, experience and a fair amount of tools. As such, it is a job usually best left to a local plumber or bathroom fitter.

However, you can read our guide if you want to find out more about fitting a toilet yourself.

How much does a toilet cost?

The cost of a new toilet can vary significantly, depending on the style, type and material. Features like soft-close seats or easy clean surfaces may cause a toilet to cost more. At Homebase, our toilets usually range from £80 to £600. If you need help finding the perfect toilet for your bathroom, you can book a free bathroom consultation with one of our in-store experts.