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If you're looking to add a few design flourishes to your home at the same time as giving it a warm and cosy feel, picking up a few stunning cushions from Homebase could well be your best option. Available in a array of styles, colours and sizes, our cushions are perfect for adding both personality and comfort to your home. Use large cushions to make prominent style statements in any room or use lots of small scatter cushions for added depth and style that allows you to spread your chosen theme colour throughout your home.

To create a unified and cohesive interior design scheme, try to echo the style or colours of your designer cushions in other parts of your home's interior. For example, if you go for cushions with a floral print then choose a piece of wall art or a pair of curtains that also contain floral designs. This will help to bring your interior design touches together and make for a great impression when friends and family come round to visit. To find the perfect theme for your home, browse our extensive selection of cushion designs online today.

As we stock such a wide range of cushion prints and designs, we're confident that you'll be able to find the perfect scatter, designer or bolster cushions for your home. Have a look on the Homebase website to view our full range of cushions and homewares or to find out more about our collection of home improvement products.

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