Radiators & radiator covers

Ideas & advice:

The two things that any home should provide are shelter and warmth, which is why central heating has become an essential part of almost every home. Many homes use boilers and radiators to heat the house, meaning that these metal heaters are commonplace in many homes. At Homebase we have a selection of radiators as well as radiator valves and accessories to choose from so why not take a look online or in store with us today?

With a great range of attractive options on offer, we're sure we'll have the perfect radiator for your home. Of course, if you want to give this feature even more style then our radiator cabinets are just what you need. Radiator cabinets are fairly easy to construct and you can buy them off the peg or even make your own using materials we sell. Central heating radiators can be covered with a cabinet without any significant heat loss to the room but a massive change in appearance.

Alternatively, instead of having large horizontal radiators why not fit a few well placed vertical radiators instead? These take up less wall space leaving you free to move your furniture around as you wish. Oil filled radiators are another option for your home, offering plenty of warmth, while our insulation and plumbing supplies can help you increase warmth and take care of general DIY tasks around your home.

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