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Are your doors a bit draughty, warped or simply a little worse for wear? Then why not come and check out the range of UPVC doors at Homebase. These doors are solid, good insulators and strong - in short, everything a good door needs to be. Because they are UPVC, they won't age or wear as much as wood, meaning there is far less care and maintenance involved in their upkeep. They come in a range of sizes and colours to suit most colour schemes and design styles.

As well as whole doors, we also have a choice of door furniture and accessories to complete the look and functionality of any door. Choose from a range of door handles and select the door locks, knockers and letterboxes that you like best. You can customise your own front door and why not? After all, the front door says a lot about the rest of your house. So it's important that it's making a good impression, as well as keeping the elements and outside world out. Fitting UPVC front doors is easier than conventional doors. With the right power tools it should be a relatively straightforward job.

You can also get replacement hinges at Homebase if the door itself is fine but needs to be re-hung. Door stops can be positioned so that they stop the door opening too wide and damaging itself or other parts of the building while our selection of knockers and doorbells give visitors a way to announce their arrival without damaging your door. As one of the most important parts of any house, it's important that your front door is solid, easy on the eye and improves your home security and safety so why not see what we have to offer online or in store today?

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