Cookie law

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a text file containing small amounts of information which is placed by a website within a computer or device through your web browser; the cookie is subsequently sent back to the same website by the browser.

Cookies are designed to assist your computer or device to remember something the user has done within that website e.g. remembering that the user has logged in, or which buttons have been clicked.

There are specific cookies related to knowing a user is logged in or not. These are known as authentication cookies. Authentication cookies are important for the website to know what information to show you, or if it needs to ask you to log in.

Cookies cannot carry viruses or install malware.

By using the Homebase website, mobile website and Apps, you are agreeing to our Privacy and Cookie policies and consent to the use of cookies and similar technologies by us and our carefully selected third party partners as described in these policies. If you do not agree to such use, please see the Managing Your Cookies section for details on how to adjust your settings.

Why does Homebase use Cookies?

At Homebase we use cookies and similar technologies to facilitate reservations and home delivery orders and recognise customers and to understand and facilitate the customer browsing and shopping behaviour. This enables us to understand what elements of our site work well, and which ones don’t. We use this information to improve our website and Apps to offer the best shopping experience for you, our customers. Our website also employs cookies and similar technologies placed by our carefully selected third party partners to help provide you with relevant advertising and manage our commercial relationship with those partners.

Do I have to accept Cookies?

To shop with Homebase on our website, mobile site or apps, cookies need to be enabled on your browser. Cookies are used to offer a personalised experience when browsing the website on your computer, tablet and mobile phone, and are also used by our Apps.

If you choose not to allow cookies you may have difficulties in using the Homebase website or Apps.
If you are uncertain about whether you would like to change your cookie settings, please see our list of Homebase cookies below and how they improve your experience as a customer and to help you understand how and why we use cookies.

Are Cookies used on web, tablet and apps?

Yes, cookies, or other data storing devices are used on all of our digital channels (web, mobile, tablet and Apps).

How long do you keep Cookies for?

On the whole we only keep cookies for the duration of your visit to one of the Homebase channels (website, mobile website etc) except where indicated otherwise in the Cookie List. Please refer to the Cookie List for more information. Cookies placed by our carefully selected third party partners may be retained for longer.

Do Cookies contain my personal information?

No, cookies do not contain confidential information such as your home address, telephone number or credit card details. However, Homebase does not control what information is stored by third party cookies.

The Homebase Cookie list

To help you understand how we use cookies, we are providing a list of cookies in use on,, mobile web and Apps.

About this list

We will update this list as we make changes to the shopping experience on our websites, mobile website and mobile applications.

Types of Cookies

Session Cookies

These cookies only last for the duration of your visit to our website. We use session cookies to help improve your experience with us and to support key activities that you want to undertake on our website. An example of this is in our website trolley, where session cookies are used to retain the items you added to the trolley until you are ready to checkout. These cookies are administered by us and none of your personal data is stored or retained after you have left our website.

Persistent Cookies

These cookies are written on to your computer’s browser and remain in place until they expire or you choose to delete them. These cookies are used for two primary purposes:


These cookies are used to measure your engagement with our website. They allow us change and develop our website to improve your experience with us. We may use this data to send you communications around areas of interest to you. Our marketing cookies also allow you to participate in customer surveys, giving you a chance to provide us with feedback and allowing us to further improve your online experience.

Onsite experience

These cookies are used to support your experience on our website, such as the ability for you to leave product reviews, and to measure how you respond to enhancements that we test from time to time.

Cookie NamePersistence Description
WC_PERSISTENT30daysThis cookie is used to remember the user ID, language, and currency for each visit to our sites
JSESSIONIDSessionThis cookie is used for tracking user sessions
WC_SESSION_ESTABLISHEDSessionThis cookie will have a value of true/false to indicate that a session has commenced with our website.
WC_ACTIVEPOINTERSessionThis cookie contains the value of the store ID of the session.
WC_AUTHENTICATION_{xxxx}Sessionwhere xxxx = userid.
This cookie is used to authenticate the user over secure connections.
This cookie has a time-stamped signature for increased security. 
<clientId>_loginSession‘Session’ cookie - stores a ‘session ID’ when a customer logs in
<clientId>_resetSession‘Timeout’ cookie - provides a value for when the session should timeout due to inactivity
CompareItems_<storeId>SessionStores the list of products that have been selected for comparison.
CoreID615 yearsStores a ‘Visitor’ ID value
HB_DELIVERY_ZIPCODESessionThe postcode of the last delivery address used for an order
HB_RECENTLY_VIEWEDSessionA list of products IDs of the most recently viewed items. Maximum 12 items
HB_RESERVE_COLLECT_ZIPCODESessionThe Postcode of the last store used for reserving or collecting
WC_CartOrderId_<storeId>SessionThe internal Commerce ID for the order for the current user
WC_CartTotal_<orderId>SessionCurrent total price of items in basket
WC_physicalStoresSessionList of the stores returned in a store locator lookup
WC_recurringOrder_<orderId>SessionA flag that indicates if the order is a recurring order (subscription)
WC_timeoffsetSessionCommerce timezone
analyticsFacetAttributesSessionUsed to store details on filters selected when browsing products.
analyticsPreCategoryAttributesSessionUsed to store details on attributes selected when browsing products
analyticsSearchTermSessionUsed to store details on search terms used when browsing products.
cmTPSetSessionUsed to collect technical properties about the browser
fsr.aSessionCookie used for our onsite survey
fsr.sSessionCookie used for our onsite survey
fsr.rSessionCookie used for our onsite survey
searchTermHistorySessionStores a history of search terms used in the session
WC_MOBILEDEVICEID15 yearsStores whether a customer is looking at the desktop or mobile sites.
signon_warning_cookieSessionError key used to retrieve error messages
WC_DeleteCartCookie_storeIdSessionCookie to force refresh of other Mini Shopping Cart cookies
WC_pickUpStoreSessionPick-up store ID that customer has selected
WC_ScheduleOrder_orderId_intervalSessionScheduled orders interval
WC_shipTypeValueSessionShipping type value: single or multiple
WC_shipTypeValueOrderIdSessionThe order ID that corresponds to the Shipping type
IBM Digital Analytics

Cookie NameDescription
CoreID6Persistent cookie used to store a visitor ID when you visit our digital channels.
cmRSSession cookie used to track clicks within our digital channels to help us understand the journeys customers take.
cmTPSetSession cookie used to collect technical details when a visitor arrives in our digital channels. This may include items like the browser used operating systems etc.
***_expiresThis cookie provides a time out value for the session
***_cloginSession cookie stores a session ID to help us identify how customers use our digital channels each time they visit.
Third party cookies

Homebase uses a variety of carefully selected third parties to provide certain services to improve the service we offer to you. Some of these third parties use cookies. Third party cookies are those that are set by a domain different to the one that the user is visiting.

Homebase also provides links to external third party websites and you may chose to click through to these sites. If you do so, these third party sites may send cookies to your browser. We do not control the setting of, and accept no liability in connection with, these cookies – please look at the cookies policies on the respective websites for more information about what they do with cookies and how you manage them.

About this list

This list includes cookies deployed by third parties on our websites. By using the Homebase website, mobile website and Apps, you are agreeing to our Privacy and Cookie policies and consent to the use of cookies and similar technologies by us and our carefully selected third party partners as described in these policies. If you do not agree to such use, please see the Managing Your Cookies section for details on how to adjust your settings.

Summit Media


DC Storm cookies are used for web analytics.

This is the information which we measure about your visit:

- A randomly generated unique identifier in order to link different visits by the same visitor.
- Pages, session and visit counters to capture the period and number of pages that a visitor has visited.
- If present, the URL (referrer) of the page from which a visitor enters the site. This is obscured by a hash algorithm in the cookie. An example of this could be "" to "12345678 | 560 868" is encoded. This is captured in order to avoid duplicates of new visits. This cookie will be stored for 20 minutes.

The collected data will be anonymised and sent to a DC Storm server based in the UK.

By using this site you agree that the website data is collected as described above and is stored anonymously.

We take privacy very seriously and do not give the collected data to any third party. The data collected is used only for the purposes of evaluating and optimising our website. The visitors are non identifiable by the data collected. Furthermore, the data is not merged with other data.

You can prevent cookies from being stored by your browser. We suggest that you do not make use of this feature as this may limit the use of the Website and may cause it to not function correctly. If you would like to opt out of being tracked by DC Storm Ltd then we provide a link below which will stop our tracking from loading on the site. By clicking this link, a cookie will be set with the name _#uid. The value of this cookie will inform our tracking code to not track any information about your visit.

Stop DC Storm Tracking My Visit Information


CookiesTracking pixel

Homebase sometimes uses these banners on other websites to help you find the products you've appeared interested in. It's part of our initiative to make it as easy for you as possible to find and get what you are looking for.

We have a partnership with AdGenie who help us with this type of behavioural retargeting. The cookies related to AdGenie help us look at your browsing behaviour, e.g. which product categories and product pages you look at. This means we can make sure the banners you see on other websites are as relevant to you as possible.

No personal data is held in these cookies. Just an anonymous ID number.

You can opt out of AdGenie cookies here:

Please note that opting out of AdGenie cookies will not stop you receiving advertising banners on the internet, but it may mean the advertising you see is less relevant to you.

You can opt out of AdGenie cookies without interfering with your shopping experience on Homebase channels.


Description This session-level cookie is used to determine which survey will be presented to a web user, and when.This persistent cookie is used to ensure that customers are not re-invited to participate in a survey for a specific number of days. The default value is 90 daysThis session-level cookie is used to collect information about how visitors use our site, such as their interactions with specific functions and site navigation. This information is used by Foresee to compile reports and help us improve our sites.

CookiesConversion Tracking
Description To help us better understand our email marketing activities we use a conversion tracking cookie to help identify when you make an online purchase, or in-store appointment via an email. This data is aggregated and helps us to improve the relevance of our emails. No product or personal data is involved.

Cookies General, Google Analytics support, Split Test Assignment, Anonymous Id, Remember Me, Submit In Progress, Feedback Submitted, Comment Submitted, Social Answering State, Display State, Mobile Preferences, Load Balancer Stickiness

Our customer Reviews and Q&A services are powered by Bazaarvoice. Like most web companies, Bazaarvoice uses "cookies" and "web beacons" to make their products and services work. These are used to improve the efficiency of their products to give you the best customer experience, and to recognise you when you return.

For full details of how Bazaarvoice use these cookies follow this link

Commission Junction,

Homebase products are featured on several affiliate websites, such as price comparison sites or product review sites. Our relationship with these affiliates is managed through a third party called Commission Junction.

Commission Junction helps us maintain our commercial relationships with affiliates and understand how our customers are reaching their desired products on Homebase channels. Cookies are used in the following scenarios...
1. If you click onto a Homebase product from a link on an affiliate site, Commission Junction uses a cookie that allows them to recognise the individual click within their system and know from which affiliate site the click was made.
2. If you go onto place a reservation or a home delivery order on Homebase for a product after visiting an affiliate site, the cookie enables Commission Junction to know when a sale has been made.

The information is encrypted to ensure it cannot be tampered with. The duration of this Homebase tracking cookie is 14 days.

Homebase share tools

We offer our customers the ability to share products on social networking sites such as Facebook. If you take the opportunity to share content in this way, the social network may send cookies to your browser. We do not control the setting of, and accept no liability in connection with, these cookies – please look at the social network’s websites for more information about what they do with cookies and how you can manage them.

Homebase on social networks

We have a variety of pages on social networking sites such as Facebook. If you use these pages, the hosting sites may drop cookies onto your devices. We do not control the setting of, and accept no liability in connection with, these cookies – please look at the third-party websites for more information about what they do with cookies and how you can manage them.

From time to time Homebase may run competitions or other applications within Facebook or other social networking site, these applications may drop cookies onto your devices and you are advised to read the terms of the application for more information.

Managing your Cookies

You have different options to manage the cookies on your computer or device. 

You can change your browser settings to prevent cookies from being accepted, or, depending on which browser you are using, you might be able to receive an alert when a website is trying to place one on your browser.  With most browsers you can allow first party cookies to be set but refuse third party cookies.

Changing preferences

If you change your cookie preferences, you will still be able to browse around the site but certain functions will not be available, for example you will not be able to place a reservation or a home delivery order, set up a new account or access an existing account. Also, by not allowing cookies, some of our standard functionality will not work, for example deleting certain cookies will remove items from your trolley or sign you out of your account.  Also, in the trolley icon at the top right of the web page, it may appear that you have items in your trolley, although these may actually have been deleted.

Blocking cookies

Your browsers ‘help’ menu should tell you how to block cookies or change your cookie settings. How you adjust your browser will depend on the browser you are using.

Deleting cookies

You can delete cookies stored in your browser by using a function in your browser. Whilst this does not mean you won’t collect cookies in the future, it gives you freedom to delete your cookies after you have been online. This function is often known as ‘clearing cookies’.

Clearing cookies

Clearing your cookies on one browser of one device does not automatically clear them on another. You need to clear all browsers on all channels independently.

Helpful Information

You can find some helpful information about cookies on:

(Homebase is not responsible for the content of external websites. This link will open in a new window.)

By using the Homebase website, mobile website and Apps, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy and consent to the use of cookies and similar technologies by us and our carefully selected third party partners as described in these policies.
If you do not agree to such use, please adjust your settings as set out above.

You can manage the cookies on your computer through your internet browser, using the links provided below.

Remember that the choices you make in managing the cookies on your browser may impact the experience you have when visiting our website, and other websites.

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