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Designer Radiators

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There's no better way to heat your home in style than with our selection of designer radiators. Combining sophisticated style and function in equal measure, our wide range of designs and finishes includes something to suit every home.

Whether you're searching for vertical designer radiators to complement a modern interior or a period-inspired traditional style, designer radiators add an effortless elegance and flair to your space while keeping your home heated.


The trendy alternative to more traditional radiator types, designer radiators provide high efficiency heating while adding a stylish embellishment to the home. Sleeker and less obtrusive than their clunky cousin, designer radiators are perfect for modern interiors and the ideal solution when space is at a premium.

In our diverse range of innovative and easy installation designer radiators, you'll find vertical and horizontal styles in an array of colours and finishes from leading brands.

Fitting your designer radiator is a lot simpler than it may seem - all you need is a drill, a strong cup of tea and a bit of know-how! Check out our step-by-step guide to replacing a radiator.

If you're fitting a new radiator, ensure you've hired a licensed contractor to install the pipework. Once you've decided on the perfect positioning and the heating has been switched off, you'll need to ensure the bracket mounts are fixed to the wall and the valves have been fitted near the existing pipework. Double check your radiator is central by marking a point inbetween the top brackets, and two more equidistant from the first, with a pencil and spirit level. Attach the top and bottom brackets with a drill.

Once your radiator is attached, it's time to join up the pipework and fill the system by turning the heating on. Any small leaks can be fixed by tightening the valve. Panel radiators are best installed on drywall - we'd recommend hiring a professional if working with tile or concrete walls.