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Fence Panels

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Garden fence panels are great for creating privacy in your own space, at Homebase we offer wooden, picket, metal, slatted, decorative, double-sided, and close board garden fence panels. Our wide variety means you are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for at Homebase.

The fencing panels we offer are modern and contemporary, but also heavy duty ensuring that they can withstand extreme weather conditions. Our wooden fencing panels also comes in a variety of specialised options to cater different preferences and requirements, you can buy pressure- treated or super lap fence panels which are made to last in the wind and rain. The wooden larchlap fence panels bring a rustic charm with their overlapping timber construction but are also extremely robust and reliable. For a seamless look buy our vertical tongue and groove brown fence panels, they are contemporary but also have interlocking construction for enhanced stability.

For more information on garden fences, read our blog on garden fencing ideas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are fence panels?

The price of fence panels depends on the type you are looking for, and the quanity needed. Metal fence panels are on the cheaper side, whereas if you are looking for tongue and groove fence panels, they are likely to be pricier.

How wide is a fence panel?

The standard width of fence panels is 6ft, however always check the measurements on packaging or product pages for specific details.

How do you install fence panels?

Installing fence panels can be an easy job to do at home, simply follow our 9-step guide on how to put up a fence and you will be able to transform your garden.

How do you stop fence panels rattling?

If your fence panels are rattling it’s likely because something has become loose or wobbly, all you need to do is repair this. Our blog on how to repair a fence will give you the in-depth instructions you need for this quick fix.

How do you stop paint dripping though a fence panel?

The key to stopping paint dripping through a fence panel is to not use so much, only use as much fence paint as is necessary and work in thin coats using the right paint brushes.

How long are fence panels?

Manufacturers tend to make fence panels in standard sizes, this would be 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft. However, for specific fence panels check the product pages for exact information on sizing.