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Christmas Wreaths & Garlands

Nothing says Christmas like a welcoming wreath on the door or a warming fireplace adorned with a luxury Christmas garland. From fabulous and full eucalyptus and white berry arrangements, to elegant bauble wreaths and snowy pre-lit hanging Christmas baskets, we have everything you need this festive season.

Perhaps you're looking for a natural artificial Christmas garland for your mantlepiece or staircase, or maybe you want to find a large artificial Christmas wreath for your front door? Our selection of Christmas wreaths, garlands and hanging baskets offers many options for decorating your home, inside or outside.

With a broad spectrum of colours, including gold, red, snowy white and natural greens, you can find the right garland or wreath to suit your Christmas theme. Why not add some extra sparkle and light up your artificial Christmas garland or Christmas wreath by entwining it with beautiful pinwire lights?

This year, explore our range of Christmas wreaths and Christmas garlands to find the perfect festive floristry for your home. Browse our range online or at your nearest Homebase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a bauble wreath?

To make a Christmas bauble wreath, follow our guide on how to make a bauble wreath.

How do you hang a garland around the front door?

You can easily hang your Christmas garland around your front door using one of the following methods:

1. Using adhesive hooks that won't mark your front door.

2. Securing your garland to the door with nylon fishing wire (this won't rub or wear away at surfaces).

3. Using craft wire.

4. Hang it on over-the-door garland or wreath hangers.

5. Tie it to your front door with ribbon or twine.

How do you decorate a Christmas wreath?

If you want to create your own Christmas wreath from scratch, follow our guide on how to make a wreath.

How do you choose a wreath for a front door?

Generally, a front door Christmas wreath looks best when hung at eye level. It's best to choose a Christmas wreath that's about 15-25cm smaller than the width of your door. This will give your door that proper festive look. In terms of style, you can select from a great range of wreaths right here at Homebase to find that perfect look. We stock rustic, colourful, natural, artificial and pre-lit wreaths to suit almost all Christmas decoration styles.

What is the difference between a wreath and a garland?

The difference between a wreath and a garland is the shape. A wreath is a circular ring, while a garland is one line of foliage. Both a wreath and garland can be used as a Christmas mantelpiece decoration. A garland is typically better for decorating a staircase, while a wreath is generally used on front doors.

Where is the best place to hang a wreath on a door?

You can hang your Christmas wreath on an outside or inside door. An outdoor wreath is great for spreading Christmas cheer to neighbours and friends, while an indoor wreath can brighten up your home for your family. Traditional wreath placement on a door is hanging it in the centre at eye level. This is around 140cm high.