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Christmas Plants & Foliage

The spectacle of Christmas and the magic of nature go hand in hand. It's why Christmas plants, flowers and foliage are perfect for adding greenery and that natural touch to your home during the festive season.

This Christmas, adorn your dining table, home or living room in fresh Christmas greenery. At Homebase, you can choose from a wide variety of Christmas plants and foliage, along with pinecones and plants with red and white berries.

Find the perfect festive foliage and bring the beauty of the outdoors to your home. We even have specific Christmas foliage table decorations and lights to add a twinkle to your table decor. Need a little extra touch of nature for your artificial Christmas tree? Browse our Christmas foliage decorations or surround your centrepiece with Christmas plants with lights.

The magic of a green and nature-infused Christmas awaits. Browse the range of Christmas plants and foliage online and in-store today.

Browse our entire range of real Christmas trees at your local Homebase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you plant your Christmas tree?

Yes, you can plant your potted real Christmas tree in your garden once the Christmas season is over. It's a great way to keep your tree alive so you can enjoy it for many years. Read more about planting Christmas trees on our blog.

How do you look after a Christmas plant?

You can look after your Christmas plants and foliage as you would a normal plant. It's important to keep the soil moist and to water your plant when the soil feels dry on its surface. You should also make sure your Christmas plant is in a pot that drains freely.

How do you wrap a plant for Christmas?

Follow these steps on how to wrap a plant for Christmas:

1. Gather your materials, such as the wrapping paper or fabric, scissors, tape, ribbon or twine, and any additional decorations.

2. Place the plant on the wrapping material, gather it around the pot, and secure with tape. Ensure the pot is entirely covered.

3. Wrap the branches or leaves gently and secure with tape. Consider adding decorative elements like ribbons, ornaments or faux greenery.

What Christmas foliage should I use in a wreath?

When creating a Christmas wreath, you can use the following Christmas foliage:

1. Evergreen branches for their vibrant colours, such as pine, fir, cedar and spruce branches.

2. Holly, which has beautiful red berries and can give your wreath wonderful Christmas colour.

3. Eucalyptus leaves for a more modern, rustic and textured look.

4. Boxwood leaves, which are shiny and compact and make for a great wreath base.

5. Red or white winter berries for colour.

6. Pinecones for a natural and rustic touch.

Where can I buy Christmas foliage?

You can buy Christmas foliage right here at Homebase, either online or in-store. We stock a great range for you to choose from, including foliage for all budgets and various decorating styles.

What is the traditional Christmas foliage?

The traditional Christmas foliage is generally evergreens like mistletoe, eucalyptus and holly. These are known for staying green during the festive season.