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Bath Shower Screens

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Embrace the versatility of your shower bath and keep your floor clean and dry with a bath shower screen. Our vast selection of bath shower screens will help you avoid dealing with a wet bathroom floor while adding a contemporary finish to your space.

You can find folding or fixed glass over bath screens in a style that suits your needs and bathroom aesthetic. A folding bath shower screen also gives you the freedom to retract the screen and enjoy an open bath or shower. While you can move fixed panel shower screens, you'll still need to consider the space you have available, as these rotate on a hinge fitted against the wall. It's always best to assess your bathroom space before browsing.

Not only can you choose the type of fitting, but you can also select glass bath shower screens with black or chrome accents. At Homebase, we make it easy to find options that match the rest of your bathroom decor. If you don't know where to start or want to learn more about the difference between fixed, hinged and curved shower bath screens, you can read our handy .

Whether you're looking for a black folding shower bath screen or a curved bath shower screen with chrome accents, explore the range online or in-store today.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove an over bath shower screen?

There are different ways to remove a bath shower screen depending on the type of screen you have. We recommend following the same instructions you used to fit the screen, but in reverse. This will ensure you can safely remove the shower screen at the end of the bath and reduce the likelihood of damaging the wall or bath.

How do you stop an over bath shower screen leaking?

If your over bath shower screen is leaking where the screen connects to the wall, you'll need to remove the sealant and reapply it. Don't forget to wait until the sealant is dry before taking a shower.

However, if you've noticed that a leak is coming from underneath your bath shower screen, you may need to clean the drainage holes that sit at the base of the screen. These draining holes are found in all fixed and folding bath shower screens. If that doesn't work and you're still experiencing a leak, you should check and fix or replace the bottom sealant if necessary.

How do you fix a bath shower screen?

Most bath shower screens available at Homebase come with installation instructions. These step-by-step instructions will take you through fitting your new over bath screen. If you are struggling to fit a hinged or fixed bath shower screen, please speak to one of our experts at your local Homebase, who will be able to offer more help and advice.

How do you clean a bath shower screen seal?

Discover how to clean a bath shower screen seal with our shower screen cleaning guide.