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How to Make an Outdoor Garden Bar

Garden bar

Transform your garden into the perfect entertaining space with its very own outdoor bar.

In the Summer months, it’s important we all make the most of the good weather with family and friends. Having your own garden bar will not only help you show off those impressive bartending skills but will also help you to create some great memories.

Creating your own outdoor garden bar is easy with the help of our pre-made structure – but of course you’ll want to personalise and style it.  To get you inspired, we’ve put together some garden bar ideas, so you can create an al-fresco entertainment hub to call your own.

Before you start 

As this project requires the use of some power tools, we recommend you take a look at our DIY Safety Tips. Remember to keep paint and tools away from children.


Your outdoor garden bar structure

Of course, you can give building your own outdoor garden bar a go. But we’d rather you spend more time enjoying it!

We’ve got a stylish flat pack bar structure that comes with easy-to-follow instructions. All it needs is some prior treatment before use, and the addition of fun decorations to bring it to life.

Here are our garden bar ideas:


Close up of painting tools and paint

Adding some colourful fence paint will instantly help your outdoor bar tie in with the rest of your garden space.

As always with exterior structures, you’ll want to prepare the wood by sanding it down.

Cover any nearby surfaces or plants with dust sheets in case of any paint splatters. Then, with newspaper and painter’s tape, mask up any parts of your DIY garden bar you don’t want to be painted.

Use a brush or roller to apply an even coat of paint, following the grain of the wood. Ensure each coat of paint is completely dry before adding the next.

If you want to know which colours will make your garden feel bigger, this guide can help.

Top tip: Think about which colours feature in your garden already and stick to the scheme to keep your space consistent.


Garden bar flooring

Give your outdoor garden bar the entrance it deserves by switching up the flooring of the surrounding area. If you want to create a holiday-inspired bar, think about having a wooden decking area. Or, for something simpler, stick to neutral paving stones.

However, if your guests are already on their way, lay down a large rug or place your outdoor bar in front of a garden divider.

Themed decorations

Chalkboard sign

There are lots of decorative elements you can mix and match to change the theme of your outdoor bar accordingly.

Some of our most enjoyable garden bar ideas include an adults-only gin bar, a child-friendly lemonade stand, and of course one covered in some birthday decorations for those special occasions!

Simple touches, like painting a wooden frame with chalkboard paint for a customisable welcome sign or turning terracotta pots into napkin and reusable straw holders, are great for recycling things that you already have.

If it’s a birthday, hang up some bunting and stick some colourful self-adhesive tiles onto the bar surface top to make your garden bar bright and colourful.

Top tip: If you want to make your garden feel bigger, add a mirror onto the back wall of your garden bar to reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space.  

Bar accessories

Drinks cooler planter

Naturally, when setting up your garden bar, you’ll want to kit it out with all the bar accessories. Make sure you have enough glasswear, shakers, jugs, coasters, and refreshments.

Keep the drinks cool by turning an outdoor planter into a large ice bucket. Or store them in a drinks rack behind the bar.

Don’t forget storage containers to keep snacks and cocktail garnishes fresh. Also, put out a few drinks dispensers so people can help themselves.

Top tip: You could install some floating shelving to display your favourite drinks and glassware in your DIY garden bar.

Set the scene

Party time bar

Atmosphere is everything in any bar.

Give people the option to pull up a pew by adding some bar stools.

String lights are a great option for illuminating your garden bar when the sun goes down. Plus, solar stake lights can create a clear pathway to your bar from other areas of your garden.

If you are opting for a rustic, cosy feeling – think about adding some potted plants and a firepit nearby for some extra warmth.

Top tip: If you are worried about having a firepit near children, wind some fairy lights around wooden logs to create a similar effect but without the open flames.

Now you’ve got the garden bar all set up, continue to create your dream garden with our Outdoor Living Space Ideas and when you’re feeling ready to host, take a look at How to Host the Perfect Garden Party.



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