Orbital Sanders

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Orbital sanders allow you to achieve a sleek and smooth surface on a multitude of items, from chairs and doors, to tables and more. Orbital sanders prepare surfaces, smooth away uneven plaster and work away paint and varnish with ease.

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Orbital sanders are the go-to gadget for anyone who is after a smooth and sleek sanded surface, without having to manually scrape away at a large surface area. Chairs, doors, tables – an orbit sander makes prepping all of these super easy.

Say goodbye to uneven plaster, and work away paint and varnish in no time. You can change the speeds on orbit sanders up or down to suit whatever job you’ve got on. The clever mechanics of these sanders mean that they won’t damage or mark the item you sand.

There’s minimal mess with the built in dust collector, so no need to spend ages cleaning after you’ve sanded your project to perfection. A must-have in any collection of handy gadgets, orbital sanders help make any project a smooth one.