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Make sure your walls are up to scratch by starting with a fresh and clean surface, with the help of wallpaper and paint strippers.

Having a decent base is the first - and most important - step of redecorating. Painting over damaged, chipped or bubbling surfaces will have an impact on the final result. Strive for perfection by sorting out the problem before it starts by kicking off the job with some wallpaper and paint remover. Easy to use for fast results, wallpaper and paint stripping gets rid of any previous uneven bumps and lumps to create a smooth surface ready for a fresh new coat. We also stock brush restorers and turpentine substitutes, so you can cover up spills and enjoy starting anew with your redecorating.

Get your DIY tasks off to the best possible start by using sealants, fillers and strippers for a perfect finish around the home.