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Make cooking a dream with the right electric, gas, ceramic or induction hob from our range at Homebase.

An electric, ceramic or induction hob will give you the flexibility you need in the kitchen. Ours have easy clean surfaces, touch control, and different power levels. All of our electric hobs have LED displays showing heat settings and different sized rings so you can use all of your pans with ease. If it’s a gas hob you’re after, we’ve got silver, black, grey and white hobs, giving you a choice when designing your kitchen. You can also enjoy features such as automatic ignition switches and specialised burners for specific dishes. We even stock super-fast induction hobs.

Not only do our kitchen hobs work efficiently, but their sleek and seamless designs let them slot into any worktop. Choose between four, five and six gas burners or electric rings, depending on how much you tend to cook. Because our ceramic, electric, gas and induction hobs are available from60cm to 90cm, you can easily find the perfect option to fit your kitchen.

If you're looking for a bigger cooking appliance, take a look at our range cookers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are induction hobs energy efficient?

Induction hobs are extremely energy efficient. This is because very little energy is wasted when the hob is being used. Energy is used to heat the kitchen hob but only when a pan is placed on the stove. Heat goes directly into the pan where it comes into contact with the induction hob rather than heating a whole ring like with many other electric hobs. 

How do you clean a ceramic hob?

It is best to clean a ceramic hob using a cloth or soft sponge, hot water and detergent. Wipe down the surface to remove any dirt, grime or food residue before drying.

Do not use metal or abrasive materials when cleaning a ceramic hob, as this is likely to scratch and damage the surface. If there are stubborn pieces of dirt and grime, we recommend leaving a wet soapy cloth on top for 10-15 minutes before wiping. 

What are the different types of hobs?

There are two different types of kitchen hob available at Homebase, gas and electric (including ceramic and induction models).

Electric hobs and gas hobs are defined by the type of fuel that they use. Electric hobs, such as induction or ceramic, are often flat plates that you place pans on, while gas hobs produce flames that pans sit above.