How to install sliding doors

How to install sliding doors

Step by Step Instructions

1 Sizing the sliding door tracks
2 2. Installing the wardrobe sliding door tracks
3 Positioning the doors
4 Installing the doors
5 Engaging the top guide
6 Adjusting the sliding doors
7 Engaging anti-jump clips
  • Step 1. Sizing the sliding door tracks

    Measure the width of the top of your opening. 

    Using a set square mark a straight line across the top track A.

     Measure the width of the base of your opening.

     Mark a corresponding line across the floor track B. Cut the tracks.

  • Step 2. 2. Installing the wardrobe sliding door tracks

    Identify and, if necessary, construct the correct opening width for your doors using the table below. 

    All doors are made to fit a standard opening height of 2260mm. A higher ceiling can be reduced using spacer blocks or opening heights reducers

    We provide these components with your wardrobe doors and track-set. Components marked with * are supplied in the track-set. The top guides and bottom wheels are pre-fitted to the wardrobe doors.

  • Step 3. Positioning the doors

    Position your doors in the appropriate combinations shown below, to allow for overlapping.

    (Not applicable to twin pack doors)

  • Step 4. Installing the doors

    Always locate the back door/s first. 

    Angle the door and insert the top of the door into the top track.

    Straighten the door and lower the bottom wheels into the floor track grooves.

  • Step 5. Engaging the top guide

    Push up white plastic section of the guide to engage in the top track.

    To remove door from top track pull down on top guide as shown.

    The guide will then disengage from top track. Lift out at an angle.

    (Not applicable to the Twin pack doors)

  • Step 6. Adjusting the sliding doors

    Align the doors so the end doors are plumb to the side walls.

    Adjust the bottom wheels using a pozidrive screwdriver, altering the height and angle of each door.

    Turn and screw clockwise to raise the door and anti-clockwise to lower the door.

  • Step 7. Engaging anti-jump clips

    Clips must be engaged to ensure the doors do not leave tracks. 

    To disengage anti-jump clips just reverse procedure.


    In the unlikely event of an anti-jump clip becoming detached during engagement, simply snap it back into original position shown on drawing A.

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