How To Build a Mobile Storage Unit with Angel

Angel Strawbridge at a desk working from home

DIY experience for making a mobile storage unit

When it comes to working from home, your surroundings are so important. Whether you have your own dedicated space or are perched at the end of the dining room table, it always helps to have an organised spaceAfter all, the saying goes – “tidy desk, tidy mind” – and in my opinion, it’s so true.  

Although, that’s sometimes easier said than done when you’re sharing a space with Dick and the kids. That’s why I’m on the hunt for a stylish, yet practical solution.  

With a mobile storage unit, you can easily (and literally) wheel away the working day and reclaim your home. A mobile storage unit is easy to build, and you’ll be amazed at how something so simple can really transform a room – and your mindset 

Together with Dick, I’ve put together a handy video and instructional guide to walk you through every step of the process. So go on, give it a go and create your own cube storage unit. 

Now you’ve seen how it’s done, let’s start with what you’ll need: 


Before you begin, we recommend you read the DIY Safety Tips guide from Homebase, along with your power and hand tool manuals to keep yourself safe while building your wheeled storage unit 

If you’re a bit of a novice, Dick has put together some helpful DIY Tricks you can see here.  But always reach out to a certified expert if you’re not sure about anything. If you’d like to download my instructions (to print at home), you can do so here:  

Download instructions

  1. Prepare the groundwork

    Take your shelving unit – this could be wooden, laminate, or just a standard shelving cube – and as Dick would say, “rough it up a little”.  

    All this means is gently sand it down with fine grain sandpaper before you start painting. Don’t forget to also wipe it down and remove any dirt from it 

  2. Angel Strawbridge painting a cube storage unit

    Get colourful

    Now for the fun bit.   

    Give your tub of paint a good shake before opening it and give it a good stir – then pour it into your roller tray. 

    I’ve gone for a luminous, slightly transparent paint to really bring out the wood grain.  

    To achieve a nice clean finish, place your unit on top of something to help raise it off your workbench or table, so your paint roller can just glide off the ends and you won’t miss a spot.  

    Top tip: If you have a wooden storage unit like mine, make sure you follow the grain as you go.   

  3. Angel Strawbridge adding wallpaper to mobile storage unit

    Add some wallpaper

    Wallpaper is perfect for adding a dramatic lining to the shelves.  

    Roughly measure and cut a piece of wallpaper for each shelf and then position it in place, rubbing your hands along the edge to make a neat line. Then, remove the paper and carefully cut along each fold with scissors for a perfect fit.  

    Next, using a paintbrush, apply your PVA glue (I dilute mine with 50% water) and stick your wallpaper in place. Repeat this step for each of your shelves.  

    Top tip: Run your nails along the edges of your shelves to secure it, then use a knife to cut along the edge of the paper for the perfect finish.  

  4. Wheel castors drilled into a cube shelving unit

    Screw in the castors

    Now it’s time to add some wheels, so you can easily hide your work storage unit at the end of the day.  

    Flip your unit upside down and measure out where your castors will go – they will need to be equally spaced from the edges. Use your pencil to make your markings.  

    Using your drill and matching drill bit, screw each of the castors into place.  

    Top tip: An extra pair of hands can be helpful at this stage to hold everything in place.  

  5. The finishing touches

    Now for the final stage: decorating and organising.  

    I added some wire racks, a desk tidy, and storage boxes so there’s a place for everything – and all my clutter can be put out of sight (and mind) at the end of the day.  

    Lastly, wheel your unit in place and admire your handiwork, just in time to put your feet up after a hard day’s work. 

    That’s your mobile storage unit complete.  

    Don’t forget to upload a photo of it to social media and tag @Homebase_uk – and I’ll see you again soon for the next episode in our Give it a Go series. 



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