Lawnmower buying guide

Lawnmower buying guide

Choosing the right kind of lawnmower for your garden can be a difficult decision, but our helpful guide will help you find the right mower to keep your grass looking gorgeous all year.

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Choosing your lawn mower by power type

There are several types of lawnmower to consider:

Cylinder lawnmowers

Cylinder mowers uses a series of blades at the front of the lawnmower that rotate against a fixed bottom blade, making them perfect for level lawns and really fine, short cuts such as those found in ornamental gardens. They’re available as electric, petrol-powered and hand-pushed models, and come with a variety of cutting widths. However, cylinder-mown lawns do need more regular mowing to keep it looking great.

Rotary lawnmowers

These are the most versatile type of mower as they’re able to cope with different types of lawn, such as rougher areas of grass and sloping banks. Rotary mowers use blades that rotate horizontally at the chosen cutting height, and are available as either electric or petrol-driven models. They’re the best choice for keeping a normal family garden perfectly trimmed, and are able to deal with longer grass if you don’t cut the lawn on a regular basis.

Hover lawnmowers

As the name suggests, this type of lawnmower hovers just above the grass. Hover mowers are rotary mowers that float on a cushion of air, they can be extremely lightweight to push and their easy manoeuvrability makes them ideal if your garden features curved edges, borders or flower beds.

Cordless lawnmowers

These can be petrol-powered lawnmowers or battery powered lawnmowers. Cordless battery lawnmowers are growing in popularity due to the performance improvements and lower costs of lithium ion batteries. Petrol lawnmowers offer the power and range benefits of an engine, and with the additional power available they can also be self-propelled which makes it easier to push them on large lawns.

Choosing your lawnmower by garden size

Deciding between an electric, petrol, or battery powered lawnmower really comes down to how big your lawn is. The chart below will give you an idea of which type of lawnmower is best for you based on the size of your garden.

Size of lawn sq m Power Cutting width
Small up to 100 electric/battery 300mm
Medium 100-250 electric/battery/petrol 350mm-400mm
Large 250 plus petrol 400mm plus

Smaller lawns

Electric mowers are the obvious choice for smaller lawns as they’re lower in cost, easy to store and lightweight – all you need to do is plug them in to start mowing.

Medium Lawns

If you've got a medium sized lawn you have the most choice. Electric mowers are light, quick and easy to use. Cordless battery powered mowers are even quicker and easier to use and give you freedom to mow without any cables. Petrol mowers give you the maximum power and run-time without a cable.

Larger lawns

If you've got a larger lawn you’ll want a mower with a wide cutting width that is easy to push. Cordless battery powered or petrol-powered mowers give you the freedom to move without a long extension cable. Self-propelled petrol-powered mowers are available to make pushing ever easier.

Top tips

  • Something to consider is whether you want a self-propelled or push mower – push models are cheaper, easy to maintain and perfect for small lawns, whereas a self-propelled mower is easier to handle and may even come with a variable speed control to suit your walking pace.
  • Another thing to consider is collection box size. A bigger collection box means you won’t need to stop as often to empty it, which is something worth considering if you've got a larger lawn.
  • If you want a stripe-effect lawn, choose a mower with a rear roller. As the mower cuts, the roller travels over the grass and flattens it in one direction.


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