Lawn Edging Ideas

Lawn Edging Ideas

We all spend so much time trying to keep our lawns looking neat and tidy, why not add a stylish twist to your garden borders too? We’ve got all the ideas you could need.

Brick borders

Neatening up your lawn? Adding brick edging is a good way to get a simple, handsome border, with crisp lines and a symmetrical feel. It’s also a style that will only improve with age, as the bricks take on an appealing weathered look in time. Colour-wise, the possibilities are endless, with everything from classic terracotta shades to a darker stone or concrete colours on offer depending on the border atmosphere you're after.

White stone edging

To enjoy free-flowing lawn edging with minimal effort, one of the best ideas is to use piles of white stones. Providing an elegant contrast to your green grass or colourful flower beds, they can be arranged in any design or depth you like. Line the sides of your lawn in a thin row, or pile them between a more solid wall of bricks and concrete edging for a thicker border between your plants and grass – the choice is up to you!

Log layers

Keeping your lawn neat and attractive around the sides while bringing an eco-friendly feel to your garden? Sign us up. Log edging is all the rage these days, with a whole host of options on offer – from horizontal logs to face-up stacks and bundles of bamboo. You can also stain it to last longer too. The result? A stylish way of separating your garden that doesn't cost the earth – all while being better for it at the same time!

Rustic rope top

As finishing touches for your garden go, this is one of our favourites. Evoke ideas of the Mediterranean in your own back yard with our terracotta-style rustic rope garden edging. Decorative and vintage, it’s perfect for giving your lawn a classic feel with a sunny twist. What's more, this high-quality concrete border can withstand even the harshest of winters to keep your garden tidy year after year.

Smoothed stone

From slate to river rocks, it couldn't be easier to build a boundary you're proud of with the perfect finishing touch for your lawn – smoothed stone slabs. With a range of colours to choose from, they’re designed to suit any garden style, be it big or small. Offering a simple way to keep your walkways clear from grass and debris, there's no better material to make your outdoors more sturdy, as it's tough as nails too!

Mini picket fencing

For lawn edging that’s adorable but effective, look no further than our mini picket fence panels. Rustic, retro and simple to install, there's a whole host of wooden materials to choose from – meaning you can choose the colour, strength and finish yourself. Cottage style never loses its charm, so you'll have a design your can enjoy for years to come. Simply drive the timber spikes at each end into the ground, stand back and enjoy!

Garden bench edging

Is there anything more relaxing than being able to sit and stare at your garden? More and more garden borders are embracing the idea of functionality, so why not get on-board and make your border double as a seat with bench edging? It couldn't be simpler – you just need to start with solid wooden blocks around the edges. From there, just leave space to sit and maybe a cushion or two – and you’ve got a scenic space to spend a few hours.

Decorative wire fence

If you want to add a little classic chic to your lawn borders, look no further. Keep your garden looking neat and tidy with Victorian-style decorative wire fencing, curved in an eye-catching design with a glossy finish. Minimalist and low-maintenance, it's the perfect choice for those who want to protect their flower and vegetable beds without blocking out too much light or taking up too much space at the same time.

Glass bottle borders

Looking for cheap garden edging ideas? Embrace your environmental side by re-purposing your empty wine, water or fruit juice bottles for a simple but stylish glass bottle border. To give yourself enough ground depth, you'll need to dig a suitable strip alongside your garden border, and it might take you a little while to collect enough, but such an eye-catching feature is definitely worth the wait – especially when the sun's out!

Living edging

Who says your lawn has to end at the edge? Discover the magic of living edging, with a free-flowing border made of plants like rosemary, thyme or ornamental grass. Now, you can enjoy a green garden as far as the eye can see. Plus, if you want garden edging to enjoy all year round – why not mix up your plants between evergreen and seasonal? That way, you've always got a layer of greenery that gets even better in the summer!

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