How to decorate a Christmas tree

How to decorate a Christmas tree

Decorating the tree kicks off the Christmas season and sets the scene for all the fun times ahead with the family. Interior design expert Julia Kendell shares some of her favourite ideas to make sure your tree takes centre stage this Christmas.

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Follow these simple steps


1. Add lights to your tree

The lights bring your tree to life and add the twinkle at Christmas time. Generally, it’s a good idea to allow 100 lights per vertical foot of tree, but for a little extra sparkle you can use up to 200 lights. If the tree’s going in the corner of the room you don’t need to wrap the lights all the way round the tree. Start at the bottom and push the lights all the way in and out to make sure you’ve got illumination at the trunk, as this helps to add depth.

2. Swap some of the colours to update your tree decorations

While it would be lovely to replace all your Christmas tree ornaments every year, sometimes it’s nice to keep at least some of the decorations you already have. By just swapping some of the colours you can completely update your tree. For example, if you have traditional decorations in red, gold and green you can take out all the gold and green ornaments and leave the red ones to create a brand new Scandinavian style – replacing the gold and green with ornaments in white and natural timber.

3. Decide how many decorations you need

Generally, it works well to have around 100 decorations for a four foot tree and 150 decorations for a six foot tree, depending on the size of the decorations and how full you want your tree to look.

4. Put your decorations on the tree

Evenly space out the decorations around the tree, using the smaller ones towards the top. Use the ‘not so special’ or ‘filler’ decorations deep inside the tree to add depth and put your special decorations in a prominent position. If you have breakable or precious decorations and there are pets or children around it’s a good idea to wire them on to make sure they don’t fall off the tree.

Materials: Artificial Christmas tree, fairy lights, red baubles, white ornaments, natural timber ornaments.


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