10 ideas for decorating your home this Christmas

Expecting friends and family over the festive season? With so many visitors, we all want to bring our interiors to life at Christmas. To help, design expert Julia Kendell has narrowed down her 10 best on-trend ideas for decorating your home this year. From trees to tables, these tips will help you celebrate Christmas in style…

1. Accent your artificial tree with real foliage

From long-lasting looks to a lack of needle droppings, there are plenty of advantages to choosing an artificial tree as your festive centrepiece. Yet there’s nothing quite like the beautiful colour and amazing scent of a real tree in your home. So why choose? By adding real fir cuttings, ivy or ferns to your artificial tree, you can enjoy the very best of both worlds. It’s not just artificial trees, either. Real trees can dry out and droop before the big day, so why not add extra real foliage on top on Christmas Eve to make sure you wake up to that classic seasonal smell in the morning?

Add real foliage to your artificial tree

2. Give your Christmas tree a modern twist

Limited home space? Tempted to try something minimalist? This year, give the traditional tree a modern twist by arranging some thin shelves in a triangle shape – before adding decorations and lights for a festive finish. Don’t forget to leave space underneath for presents too! You can use it all year round too, just decorate the shelves for each season.


Use shelving to create a modern spin on a Christmas tree

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3. Add fresh flowers to your Christmas tree

Want to give your tree some natural festive style? Get that special touch by adding fresh flowers alongside your other Christmas decorations. The secret? Choose longer-lasting flowers like poinsettias or lilies, and wrap the base of their stem in cling film or damp cotton wool for maximum freshness.

Add fresh flowers to your Christmas tree

4. Use baubles for festive features

Baubles – not just for the tree anymore! This Christmas, splash out on a bumper pack and use them to perk up every inch of your house. Keeping a consistent colour palette, fill bowls, vases and lanterns with beautiful baubles and dot them about. For that extra sparkle, why not add string lights too?

Use baubles to create festive features around your home

5. Hang branches for some Scandi style

Ready to bring the outdoors inside? Try a Scandi-inspired Christmas interior by hanging small branches from your windows and walls, along with a medley of rustic wreaths and decorations. For the best wintery effect, use garden wire and well-secured picture hooks to hang the branches, before spraying them with matt white paint, frosting and silver glitter.

Create a Scandi look with hanging branches

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6. Spread baubles and branches about

Fancy a simple festive hack? From the kitchen to the dining room, transport the beauty of a Christmas tree to other parts of your home by putting decorated branches in glass vases. Taking the branches from your real tree? Cut them from the back so the missing ends are hidden, and wire the baubles on so they don’t fall off.

Display baubles on branches in glass vases


7. Create a fabulously festive welcome

Get your guests in the festive mindset from the minute they enter your home with a stylish Christmas welcome. Top your hall table with your mini trees and baubles, as well as some candles and glass vase with extra foliage for the perfect entrance atmosphere.

Welcome guests with a fabulously festive entrance

8. Deck out your staircase

Rushing downstairs is one of the most exciting parts of Christmas morning, so why not give your staircase an extra-festive feel for the big day? Tie a garland round the handrail, decked out in fairy lights, ribbons and whatever other ornaments you fancy. Plus, if you don’t have a mantelpiece, the bannister makes an excellent place to hang your family’s Christmas stockings!

Decorate your staircase

9. Give your bedrooms some Christmas cheer

In 2019, don’t restrict the festive feeling to your living room. The whole house deserves some Christmas cheer, especially your bedrooms. Imagine waking up underneath a sparkling garland of decorations, with a stocking waiting for you at the end of the bed – Christmas morning will never be the same.

Give your bedrooms the Christmas treatment

10. Hang some beautiful baskets

Thought hanging baskets were just for summer? Think again. Let them set the scene for your indoor festivities by filling them with winter plants and Christmas decorations, and hanging them just inside your front door. Add fairy lights for that festive glow, just make sure they’re low enough for the little ones to enjoy!

Display festive hanging baskets around your front door


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