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Gardening Clothes

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Getting the right gear can help make light work of gardening and protect you from scrapes and cuts as you work. Our garden clothes allow you to get the job done without the hassle.


Offering protection, practicality, and with style to boot, gardening clothes are essential for anyone who like to while away a few hours in the great outdoors. Even the most reluctant of gardeners will find themselves needing a pair of gardening gloves from time to time. With a range of sizes and materials to choose from, finding the perfect fit is simple: our collection includes options for everyday pruning, heavy duty gloves designed for using with chainsaws, and water-resistant gloves.

The right gardening clothes and equipment will keep you cool and comfortable. If you spend lots of time kneeling down weeding or planting seedlings, then a kneeling pad or stool is a great investment for you and your joints! A pair of good quality gardening footwear is also a sensible decision and needn't be expensive. Our wellington boots are as at home in the garden as they are on long and muddy weekend walks with the family.