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Rhapsody Blues

In music, a rhapsody is free flowing in structure, moody and episodic with room for spontaneous inspirations and freeing improvisation. In 2023, homes across the UK are bringing this inspired and extravagant approach to their Christmas decorations and overall themes. At Homebase, we're calling this show stopping Christmas decor 'Rhapsody Blues', which we feel perfectly encapsulates this trend towards blue Christmas decorations complemented beautifully with silvers, teals and navy colours throughout the home.

Create a moody and alternative atmosphere this year with our range of decorations designed specially for this Rhapsody Blues theme. Start with your Christmas tree, which can easily become a statement piece with shatterproof baubles in bold blues and teals or striking silvers. You can also find frosted glass, teardrop, and scallop baubles for those finer touches.

Need a little contrast to make your Christmas pop? Add a twist of the unexpected with hanging cup cake, doughnut and dinosaur decorations. Submerge your living spaces deeper into this free-spirited theme with natural Christmas garlands adorned in blue Christmas decorations or opt for coloured metal bells or gold mirror stars to sit atop your tree.

Make a statement this Christmas with our showstopping collection of blue and silver Christmas decorations. Browse rich colours matched with complimentary metallics and natural finishes today.


Rhapsody Blues