OSB & Chipboard

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Chipboard and OSB (oriented strand board) boast a long list of uses. Get creative on your next DIY project because there’s a world of possibilities with these materials. Chipboard sheets can be used in everything from furniture to flooring, while OSB boards are perfect for heavy duty construction work such as sheds, pallet tops and display boards.

These handy materials get their robust durability from layered flakes of wood, which are compressed and bonded together with strong resin to make them rigid and stable. Both are extremely cost-effective, shaving money off decorating projects without compromising quality.

Thanks to its relatively smooth surface, chipboard provides an easy texture to work with in decorating and construction. Chipboard sheets are also less prone to warping, since fibres aren’t running in a uniform fashion down the length of the wood. Pick up a stash for your next DIY project now from Homebase.