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Before you kick off your next woodworking project, stock up on dowel joints for that flush final finish. Take your pick of sizes and options and explore our full range at Homebase.

Wooden dowels allow you to connect two pieces of wood together without having to use nails or screws, providing added security and strength to your creation. These clever little tools are also not visible once they’re in place, ideal if you don’t want a nail or screw end ruining the finish on the wood. What’s more you don’t need any specialist tools to insert dowel pins, giving you a beautiful final product, whether you’re a fully-fledged carpenter, or a total novice.

The Homebase range of dowel rods come in a variety of diameters and lengths, for different sized holes, as well as in pack sizes from 30 to 60, making them a versatile choice for your next DIY job.