How to make a runner bean teepee

How to make a runner bean teepee

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How to make a runner bean teepee

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Everyone loves a secret hideaway and with a few gardening canes and some curly runner bean plants, the kids can make the best den in the street. As well as creating a brilliant den, the kids will have lots of fun watching the beans weave up the canes, and when the plants are fully grown they’ll enjoy picking and eating the beans too.

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Step by Step Instructions

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  • Step 1. 1.

    Choose an area in the garden to plant your teepee and then plan out the shape of the teepee on the ground; remembering to leave an opening at the front
  • Step 2. 2.

    Lightly push the canes into the ground at a slight angle, so all the canes lean in to meet at the top
  • Step 3. 3.

    Secure the canes at the top with a good wrapping of strong tape
  • Step 4. 4.

    Now the canes are secured together, push them down firmly into the ground
  • Step 5. 5.

    Using string go over the tape at the top to make it really secure. Tie off the string to keep everything in place
  • Step 6. 6.

    At the base of each cane dig a hole with a trowel and plant a runner bean plant
  • Step 7. 7.

    Tie the length of each bean to the canes so that the plants can grow up the canes
  • Step 8. 8.

    In between the canes plant nasturtiums which will add colour when they flower and also put off any pests that try to get to your runner beans.
  • Step 9. 9.

    Water your runner beans regularly and within a few weeks you’ll have an amazing edible den
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