How to make a bird feeder

How to make a bird feeder

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Wildlife really brings the garden to life and a simple way to encourage more activity is by feeding the birds. Bird feeders are so easy and fun to make and once they’re dotted around, your garden will quickly overflow with feathery friends. The kids can give garden birds a zest for life by making them a citrus fruit feeder; it’s a great way to get feathery friends to swoop by for a bite.

Get more birds to swoop by for a visit with a simply made citrus fruit feeder. Scooped out citrus fruits create a natural bowl for bird seed; with a couple of lengths of string the kids can be enjoying and admiring their home made feeder in a matter of minutes.

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Step by Step Instructions

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  • Step 1.

    This bit is for grown-ups only: cut the fruit in half using a sharp knife and a chopping board

  • Step 2. 2.

    Scoop out all of the insides (maybe keep the juiciest bits to eat later)
  • Step 3. 3.

    Again, for grown-ups only: make holes in the peel shell, you’ll need two holes on each side
  • Step 4. 4.

    Cut two long equal lengths of string
  • Step 5. 5.

    Thread the string through the holes, one piece of string per two holes, and tie all the string at the top so the feeder can be easily hung up.
  • Step 6. 6.

    Fill the peel with plenty of bird seed, remember that different seeds attract different types of birds.
  • Step 7. 7.

    Using the string, hang your feeders from the branch of a tree or anywhere else in the garden if there’s a hook.
  • Step 8. 8.

    Birds not included but you’ll soon have plenty of visitors.
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