How To Install A Wire Free Alarm

Here’s our brief guide to installing a wire-free alarm, to protect your home and help you feel secure. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the alarm you’re installing.

Step 1. Check your kit

Check you’ve got all the kit you need: a control panel, a siren (alarm box), PIR detectors and door and window contacts.

Check your kit

Step 2. Activate the batteries

Before you mount or programme the alarm system, activate the batteries in the sensors.

Check the batteries

Step 3. Power up the control panel

Power up the control panel by plugging in the power adapter. Also activate the back-up battery if your system has one.

Power up the control

Step 4. Programme your system

You can now programme your system and synchronise the sensors and alarms with the control panel. For details, see the manufacturer’s instructions.

Programme your system

Step 5. Disable the control panel tamper

Disable the control panel tamper so you don’t activate the siren, before physically installing any devices.

Disable the control panel

Step 6. Position the control panel

Place the control panel where you’ll be installing it. Put the system into ‘test mode’.

Position the control panel

Step 7. Position the sensors

Now take each sensor to its intended location. Do a radio test to make sure it’s within range of the control panel. If the control panel doesn’t respond it may be a range problem, so you’ll need to find alternative locations or move the devices closer together. When you’re happy everything’s in range, mount the control panel.

Position the sensors

Step 8. Mount the alarm box

Mount the alarm box in an obvious location on an outside wall. It should be as high as possible, with the tamper switch fully engaged.

Mount the alarm box

Step 9. Fix the PR detectors

Now you can fix PIR detectors and door and window contacts in their locations. Once you’ve installed everything, reactivate the system tamper.

Fix the PIR detectors

Step 10. Test the system

You’re now ready to test your system. The set-up for each model will differ so follow your manufacturer’s instructions. Once you’ve done a successful test, set-up is complete and your home is alarm-protected.

Test the system



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