Garden furniture & accessories buying guide

Garden furniture & accessories buying guide

Bring on the good times in the great outdoors. Create a look you love in your garden and make the most of long summer days. Choose a stylish dining set for entertaining friends and family, a comfortable sun lounger where you can unwind after a hard week and pretty pots that simply make you smile. We have everything you need to enjoy your outdoor space that little bit more.

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With so many different styles of garden furniture available how can you decide which set is going to be right for your outdoor space?

We’ve used out garden expertise to select the five main things that we think are most important when choosing your garden furniture:

Space & Size

The space you’ve selected for your furniture should be level and away from any outdoor hazards. By measuring the total area you’ll have a good idea of the space that’s available for your furniture and this will dictate the size of the furniture that you can fit there. It’s tempting to go for the largest set you can accommodate, but you’ll need to make sure that you and your guests will also have enough room to safely walk around it and are able to pull out or recline chairs if necessary.

Once you have your area planned out you’ll see that we have something to suit every space, from little bistro sets, to large dining sets and outdoor sofas.

2 seater sets

Sometimes known as bistro sets this combination of a small table and two chairs are a compact and cosy choice when you’re limited on space, and are perfect for balconies. They’re often foldable or stackable so you can enjoy a table for two when you need it and more space when you don’t.

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4, 6, and 8 seater tables and chairs

Garden dining sets come in similar sizes to their indoor counterparts and depending on the space you have available and the number of guests you want to have you can choose between versions with 4, 6 or 8 seats. You usually get a table and an appropriate number of matching chairs but you can add more if you want to. If you’re looking for a similarly sized set with a more informal feel you could also try a bench set.

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Outdoor sofas

If you’re looking for more relaxed outdoor seating then a garden sofa is a good alternative. Available in lots of different sizes and configurations there’s a suitable sofa for most sizes of garden and can be combined with footstools and coffee tables for the perfect space to socialise.

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Pallet furniture

A great way to customise your outdoor furniture to fit your space is by creating your own pieces using pallets. You can go as small or as spacious as you like and it’s really easy to do.

Check out our guide to creating pallet furniture



Smaller seats

These seats are ideal whether you have a smaller outdoor space, or want to put a small seat into a larger garden:

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Loungers and beds

If you really want to unwind in your garden then choosing a sun lounger or day bed can be great way of using your outdoor space to relax. You can buy them as a standalone item or can match them to your existing furniture.

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In general, the style of the garden furniture you choose should complement the age and design of your home and the style of planting in your garden. Wooden furniture is a good fit for older style properties while metal furniture tends to look better in more contemporary spaces. Rattan furniture is a great choice for most properties as it can add a traditional elegance to both older and newer styles. However, in the end the choice is yours and if you like the look of something and think it will work in your garden then go for it.



Social life

Working out the type of occasions you’re going to use your garden furniture the most at, will help you choose choosing the right mix for your social life.

Dining alfresco

If you love barbecues and eating outside with family and friends, then an outdoor dining set is essential. For 1-2 people you’ll only need a bistro set but if you know you’ll be catering for more people choose the biggest size of table you can so everyone has space at the table.

Relaxing with friends

If you’re just looking to create somewhere to lounge in your garden, then an outdoor sofa or some customised pallet furniture will help you create a cosy corner. If you really want to kick back choose a garden swing or some sun loungers.

Enjoying some quiet time

Sometimes it’s nice just to enjoy some peace and tranquillity. By placing a bench, day bed or companion seat in a quieter, undisturbed part of your garden you’ll always have somewhere to seek sanctuary.

The perfect party

For the occasions where you know you’ll be inviting more guests than usual it’s worth invest-ing in some lightweight foldable or stackable chairs that can easily be stored away when you’re not using them. If your guests don’t mind sitting on the ground then some large out-door cushions and blankets can also be effective.

Outdoor cushions

We’ve got a wide range of cushions in a variety of colours and styles, from seat backs and pads for existing garden furniture sets, to cushions designed for sun loungers and benches. They’re all specially treated to be fire resistant, immune to the fading effects of sunlight, and while they’re more water resistant than regular cushions you’ll still want to take them inside when it rains.

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To keep your furniture looking its best we recommend keeping it away from the worst of the weather, you can either store it away or cover it.


If you’re planning to store your furniture in a garage or shed over the winter, then it’s a good idea to look at stackable and foldable varieties to maximise your storage space. Make sure that your furniture is clean and dry before you store it away.


For bigger sets or if you don’t have space indoors, you can invest in furniture covers that can be used year after year. Just make sure your furniture is clean and dry before you cover it for the winter.

We stock two types of cover to keep your set safely under wraps:

Standard covers

These are made from 100% polyethylene and are a completely water resistant.

Premium covers

Like the standard covers, our premium ones are also made of 100% polyethylene, but with the addition of a PVC backing for added protection. They also feature tapered seams for im-proved water resistance, breathable sections to allow any trapped moisture to escape, and come with a handy carry bag to store them in when the sun is shining.

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Garden furniture materials

As well as the design of your garden furniture it’s important to look at what it’s made of, as different materials have different features, such as strength or weight and may need to be maintained and stored differently. Our table below will help you select the material that best fits your lifestyle:

Material What is it? Features Maintenance Storage
Rattan Effect High quality resin woven into a wicker style
  • UV resistant so it won’t fade in bright sunlight
  • Lightweight and weatherproof
  • Will last a long time if it's well looked after
Virtually maintenance free, just wipe it with a mild solution of soap and water.
  • Cover when not in use
  • Store inside in winter
  • Ensure it's dry before storing
Aluminium A lightweight metal that's often powder coated to protect it from the elements
  • Lightweight so it’s easy to move, position where you want it and to store away.
  • Rust proof so it's very weather resistant
  • Longer lasting than steel and lower maintenance but avoid loading it with heavy weights to avoid denting it.
Wash it every few weeks with a solution of warm water and mild detergent. DO NOT use bleach, acid or solvents.
  • Cover when not in use
  • Store inside in winter
  • Ensure it's dry before storing
Powder Coated Steel A strong metal that doesn't dent easily and is coated to protect it from the elements. An affordable alternative to aluminium framed furniture
  • Add a coating of clear liquid wax once a year to protect the finish
  • Clean the frame with a solution of warm water and mild detergent. DO NOT use bleach, acid or solvents.
  • Cover when not in use
  • Store inside in winter
  • Ensure it's dry before storing
Wood Natural hardwood FSC® approved timber
  • A natural and traditional material that can either be left to weather naturally or matched to your garden's 'look' with wood paints and stains.
  • Cool and more comfortable to sit on even when left out in full sun
  • Clean with a solution of warm water and mild detergent, DO NOT use bleach, acid or solvents.
  • Maintain the wood using a clear hardwood oil.
  • Cover when not in use
  • Store inside in winter
  • Ensure it's dry before storing
Rope An innovative material man made from woven polyester.
  • Available in contemporary designs
  • Easy to maintain
  • Weatherproof – rain and UV resistant.
Similar to rattan effect in that it can be cleaned easily using a solution of warm water and mild detergent. DO NOT use bleach, acid or solvents.
  • Cover when not in use
  • Store inside in winter
  • Ensure it's dry before storing
Duraboard® A man made strong and durable wood-based material
  • Resistant to UV, scratches and cracking.
  • Environmentally friendly
Cleans easily with a solution of warm water and mild detergent. DO NOT use bleach, acid or solvents
  • Cover when not in use
  • Store inside in winter
  • Ensure it's dry before storing
Mixed Furniture that's made from several materials and often combines their best features.


A parasol is the perfect way to keep cool on a hot summer’s day. When buying a garden furniture set, check whether a parasol is included and, if so, whether it comes with a parasol base - it’s best to use a base with your parasol to provide stability, even when used with a table. You’ll need to consider the size, style, opening mechanism and base when choosing a parasol.


  • Up to 2.1m – Perfect for 2 people, enough shade for a bench, bistro set or lounger.
  • 2.3-2.5m – Provides a bit more shade, great for 4 seater sets.
  • 2.7-3m – Ample shade for up to 8 seater tables.
  • If you’re hosting a bigger party and want to provide a nice shady space for your guests, try a gazebo – we have a great range from 3m2.


  • Standard – simple and elegant, these fit with any garden style.
  • Crank & tilt – allowing you to angle the parasol to provide maximum protection from the sun.
  • Cantilever/overhanging – the offset pole means the canopy is suspended to the side, great for socialising – no more leaning sideways to try to see who you’re talking to. These look ultra-modern and stylish in any setting.


  • Push-up – opened by sliding the mechanism up the pole like an umbrella, locking in place with a pin or catch.
  • Pulley – opens by pulling a cord rather than manually pushing the mechanism up.
  • Crank handle – simply turn the handle and the parasol opens up and locks in place.


This comes in a variety of styles from traditional wood, to ultra-modern granite. Check the diameter of your parasol pole to find a base that fits yours. If your parasol will be freestanding it will need a much heavier base than one used in conjunction with a table. The area your parasol will be used should also be considered – an area more exposed will need a sturdier base to protect the parasol from damage/falling on windy days. A 2m parasol used with a table may only need a 15-20kg base to keep it sufficiently stable; a 2.5-3m parasol would need a 20-30kg base. Freestanding parasols need a heavier base as they won’t have the added stability of a table so use at least a 30kg base – you need approximately 10kg more weight to your base for a freestanding parasol base compared to a parasol placed in the centre hole of a table.

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