How to install a door jamb

For a door to open and close properly, it’s essential to have a solid door jamb.

Difficulty rating: Medium

These tasks may be tricky so will suit you if you're experienced in DIY, or simply love a challenge.

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What You'll Need:

Step 1: Measure the width of your door frame

Measure the door using the tape measure then cut the top of the door jamb to size. Then measure and trim the two sides. Holding the nail gun square to the timber, secure the top piece to the two sides.

Step 2: Fitting the frame in place

Make sure the edges are flush with the walls and nail it into positon, avoiding nailing where your hinges will go. If there’s a gap between your frame and the wall fill the space with packers to prevent the frame from bowing when you nail through the wood.

Step 3: Check the middle of the jamb

Check if the middle of the jamb is level and support it with packers if necessary, before nailing it into the frame.

Step 4: Check the right hand side of the jamb

Move on to the right hand side of the jamb, levelling it out with packers and nailing it into place as you did on the left.

Step 5: Measure the thickness of your door

Measure the thickness of your door, then mark out the position of the door on the top plate when it’s closed. Use this mark to position your door stop.

Step 6: Cut the door stop

Measure and cut the door stop for the top plate and nail it into place.

Step 7: Mark the lines for the stops on the sides of your jamb

Mark the lines for the stops on the sides of your jamb, measure and cut them to length and finish by nailing them into place.

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