Minty fresh bathroom

Minty fresh bathroom

Combining neutral tones can be just as challenging as using stronger colours. In this image, the warm cream tone of the ice-cream softens the clinical white and cool grey of the bowl and marble, creating a fresh yet relaxed picture. A pop of colour in the mint leaves transforms the image, adding another colour dimension. The effect is perfect for a fresh, airy bathroom with a lift of colour.

Photo inspiration and moodboard

minty fresh bathroom photo inspiration image
minty fresh bathroom photo inspiration image 2
minty fresh final room image

Final room design

To create the room, neutral tones have been picked out in the wall tiles, flooring, wall colour and sanitary ware, achieving the same mix of tones as the image.  Fluffy cream towels reproduce the texture of the ice cream and soften the overall look. The zingy kiwi and dark green colours have been introduced in the shower wall and accessories.

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