Lighting is key for a perfect ambience

As the days get darker and the nights start to creep in it’s time to think about restyling your lighting scheme to fit the season. With a few simple changes, you can create a mix of task lighting and ambient lighting that’s perfect for the autumn months.

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Increase light levels

Make sure you show off your autumn home décor in its best light. With daylight decreasing, increase light levels in your home to lift the energy by replacing old pendant lights. Use dimmable fittings so you can lower the lights in the evening for an intimate atmosphere.

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Task lighting

In kitchens, bathrooms and study areas, separate task lighting from ambient lighting (on a different circuit) to allow for practical light levels when needed.

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Layering light

Add in floor and table lamps to light specific areas for reading and create interesting ‘layers’ of light.

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Light bulbs

For a cosy feel, use warm white lightbulbs. Make sure the output (lumens) produces bright, pure light for task lighting and reduce the lumens for fittings used for ambient lighting, particularly those that can’t be dimmed. LED bulbs are the most energy efficient but halogen bulbs in dimmable spotlights give the lowest, warmest glow of light.

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