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UniBond Sealant Go Seal Kiwi White 100ml

GBP 9.0


Protect kitchens & bathrooms from mould with long-lasting seals – UniBond Go Seal!

Protect your bathroom and kitchen from mould with the powerful UniBond Go Seal sanitary sealant! An air pulse ready to use applicator means there is no need for a cartridge gun. The precision nozzle is ideal for smoother applications and controlling the flow of sealant, with no mess. As a high-quality and long-lasting joint filler, the waterproof silicone sealant is specially formulated to function in humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms and is recommended for use as a kitchen sink sealant, worktop sealant or as a toilet sealant. Quick and ready to use, this mould resistant sealant is formulated with silicone acetoxy technology, ensuring long-lasting sanitary seals with high adhesion.

To apply, first completely remove any existing sealant and residues. Thoroughly clean the joint to remove contaminants and allow to dry. Then, twist to break the safety seal & remove nozzle cap. Turn around the nozzle by 90°. Press trigger to dispense sealant into the joint. Smooth immediately and remove excess sealant immediately with white spirit. Dries within 24 hours. One pack is enough for one job (e.g. to seal a bath, it covers approximately 5 metres).

  • Easy to use - The UniBond sealant is quick and simple to use. There is no gun required and no mess, with a precision nozzle for smoother applications and speed control.
  • Anti mould sealant - Once dry, the UniBond sealant forms a permanently flexible, mould resistant & waterproof sealant, ensuring strong seals and preventing mould growth.
  • Specially formulated - The formula of this shower sealant is ideal for sanitary sealing tasks in warm and humid environments, e.g. baths, sinks, basins & kitchens.
Effects and Finish: