Bar Accessories

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Our dazzling range of Bar Accessories is the bee’s knees!

We’ve got you covered with everything from bottle openers to bar sets, so your at-home bar will never run dry. After all, staying in is the new going out.

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Whether you drink cocktails or mocktails, shake it up and party on with our fabulous cocktail shakers. They make a great addition to any party, as well as being a wonderful gift idea for a special friend.

There’s an art to mixing drinks. Now you can study it as well and learn how to make your favourite drinks with one of our bar sets. They contain all the pieces you need to start perfecting your bar skills. We’ll have ours shaken, not stirred please.

It’s hot work making all these drinks, so cool off and keep your ice close to hand with one of our ice buckets.

Speaking of cooling down, wine coolers are really useful for keeping your white, rosé and sparkling wines chilled. Their delicate aromas and flavours will then be lifted (see, we can all play the part of a wine connoisseur tonight).