Phalaenopsis Angel In Colour Bowl

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Product Description

Fantastic Orchid gift: with an amazing shape and so many flowers. The 'Moth Orchid' in a special way to a very special person.

Product Details

Plant in ceramic
Additional information
These plants are commonly referred to as "Moth Orchids" and are considered among the easiest of the orchid family to care for as well as the most recognizable. The long-lasting flowers bloom perfectly for up to three months, providing you ample return on your investment. The flowering intervals vary with each plant, and you may be treated to a bloom as often as twice a year. Phalaenopsis have become one of the most popular variety of orchids because of their low maintenance and delicate balance of poise and elegance.
Colour of flower
Various: Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple, White, spotted and striped varieties.
Height 25cm; Width 22cm
Care instructions
The Phalaenopsis can grow aerial roots outside the pot. Leave these roots in place: they are a sign that the plant is happy. After pruning place the plant in a cooler spot. The �cooling� will encourage the formation of new branches. After about two months the plant can be returned to its old place. After pruning give the plant less water. When the plant is returned to its old spot after about two months, you can return to normal watering. To get the plant to flower again you need to cut the branch off above the second �eye�. This is a thickening of the branch. Start by counting from below. You can prune the branch above the second eye twice, after which it is a good idea to cut the branch as low as possible. The plant can flower again after six months.
Colour of foliage
Planting instructions
Plants should be re-potted every other year and, because they grow upwards without spreading, can go back into the same sized pot.
Rate of growth
Soil type
A medium-grade wood bark works well with the base of the bottom leaf at the surface of the medium.
Watering instructions
Pour water onto the soil in the pot, and not into the heart of the plant. The water needs to be at room temperature. Rain water is better than tap water which contains (too much) lime. Preferably water early in the day. Even better is to immerse the pot in a bucket for a minute. Allow the plant to drain thoroughly after immersing - this will allow the excess water to run off. The orchid can then easily go seven days without water. In the winter months when the heating is on, it is a good idea to spray the plant with water regularly in order to ensure that the humidity does not drop too low.
Latin name
Phalaenopsis multiflora cultivars
Eventual height
Eventual width
Pot size
14cm ceramic
Room temperature
Phalaenopsis is most comfortable at a temperature of between 20 �C and 22 �C. The minimum temperature is 16 �C and the maximum temperature is 32 �C. Phalaenopsis flowers for a long time: several weeks and often even months.
Room position
The Phalaenopsis must be placed in a spot where there is sufficient light, but avoid direct sunlight, particularly in the summer months. If the leaves turn yellow this can be a sign of too much direct sunlight. The shedding of buds or dark-green leaves points to a possible lack of light. Phalaenopsis also dislikes draughts, and the plant should not be placed right next to a radiator.
Feeding instructions
Feed the plant about twice a month with special orchid food (in the water) between March and October.
Flowering period
All year round
Sold in store as mixed variety code
Effect and finish
At a bow
1 litre
Also available in Colour
FirstKey SellingPoint
A Phalaenopsis Angel for an angel. If it is for your mother, sister, girlfriend or who-ever: fantastic gift
SecondKey SellingPoint
Different shape of Phalaenopsis
ThirdKey SellingPoint
Multi-flowering Phalaenopsis
FourthKey SellingPoint
In many colours available
FifthKey SellingPoint
Long lasting flowers

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