Silver Wallpaper

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Give your home a modern edge with silver wallpaper. Our range brings you a variety of print styles, from florals and foliage to structured and geometric prints. If you’d prefer a plain silver-toned style, you’ll uncover a wealth of those here in our silver wallpaper collection in addition to the prints. Explore the range of silver wallpaper available at Homebase to find the perfect style for your home.

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Beautifully lustrous and stylish, our range of silver wallpaper adds extra glamour to any room.

From plain to patterned, we stock a choice of silver wallpaper that exudes pure luxury while remaining affordable. Breathe new life into your home by creating a cutting-edge feature wall with stunning metallic tones and intricate designs using silver pattern wallpaper. Our modern geometric designs are artsy and eye-catching with an added touch of sophistication. There are plenty of other designs to choose from, including classic Damask and vibrant conversational pieces. Whether you prefer something bold and bright or a little more low-key, the versatile nature of silver wallpaper is sure to impress.

Browse our stunning range of luxurious silver wallpaper designs at Homebase and refresh your home decor.