Lining & Paintable Wallpaper

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Combining the ability to cover cracks and bumps with the chance to update the look regularly, paintable wallpaper is a practical and attractive decorating solution.

Available in both patterned and plain designs, this range can be applied to almost any wall to quickly hide marks or cracks – much more convenient and clean than plastering over the walls. Once on, you can choose to keep with the original colour or you can tailor it to your own taste by painting over it. Patterns available range from brickwork to geometric shapes, which mean they’ll fit into pretty much any design scheme whether it’s modern or more traditional. If you want to simply paint your room and want a smooth surface to work from, try the lining wallpaper.

Whether you’re giving a whole room a new look or just want to freshen up a damaged wall, we’ve got the right solution at Homebase.