Oxalis Triangularis Mix - 12cm

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Product Description

Wishes the best luck to your best friend with the Oxalis (look-a-like of the Lucky Clover). With 3 different varieties and very popular for St. Patricksday.

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Additional information
These plants have the nickname Shamrock plant because of their three thin, triangular leaflets that look like a lucky clover plant. There are several stories associated with the Shamrock plant. One of the most popular is that St. Patrick, the saint who brought Christianity to Ireland, picked a shamrock plant from the grass to explain the Holy Trinity to his congregation. The three leaves, he said, represented the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. St. Patrick?s Day is celebrated on the anniversary of his death. The Shamrock plant is also credited with the arrival of spring and as a symbol for the ?season of rebirth.? Oxalis regnelli, the green leafed version, has small delicate white flowers; while Oxalis triangularis, or False Shamrock plant, has dark purple leaves and pinkish lavender flowers. Shamrock plants are bulb plants and die back after they bloom. Don?t throw them out, they just need a little rest before starting to grow again.
Colour of flower
White or pink
Height 17-20cm and width of 16-18cm
Care instructions
After a Shamrock Plant blooms, the leaves turn yellow, droop, and need to be pulled off. This usually occurs in the late fall. While your Shamrock plant appears to be dying, it is really going into a resting or dormant phase. After all of the leaves have died, stop watering and move your plant to a cool low light area. Green Shamrock plants need to rest for 2-3 months while Purple Shamrock plants need only about a month. After your Shamrock plant has rested for the appropriate amount of time, move it back into bright indirect light and water as usual. Once new growth appears, fertilize with a basic houseplant food at _ the recommended strength. Shamrock plants may go dormant several times a year.
Colour of foliage
Green and burgundy (purple)
Planting instructions
Keep plants in small pots to avoid overwatering. This is a bulb product so can't stand overwatering
Rate of growth
Soil type
The soil for a Shamrock Plant should be loose and sandy rather than rich and organic.
Watering instructions
Keep the soil barely moist but never soggy; allow the top 2? of soil to dry out before watering. It?s best to water a Shamrock plant from the bottom so that the thin fragile stems of the plant don?t get water logged and the soil stays loose.
Latin name
Oxalis triangularis
Eventual height
Eventual width
Safety information
Shamrock Ppants, Oxalis, are slightly poisonous and have a level #1 toxicity if eaten in very large quantities.
Pot size
Room temperature
Shamrock plants grow best in cool temperatures between 60-70? during the day and 55-65? at night.
Room position
Shamrock Plants need bright indirect light to grow well and produce flowers. They can often bloom all winter if kept in a sunny spot.
Feeding instructions
Feed a Shamrock plant monthly in the spring and summer when it is actively growing with a basic houseplant food at _ the recommended strength. Never feed a Shamrock plant when it is dormant and the bulbs are resting.
Flowering period
Harvesting period
Sold in store as mixed variety code
1 litre
Also available in Colour
FirstKey SellingPoint
Very popular for St. Patricksday
SecondKey SellingPoint
Wish the best luck to your friend with this plant
ThirdKey SellingPoint
With right treats, will be coming back with flowers
FourthKey SellingPoint
Very fine white and pink flowers

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