Is your conservatory unloved?

Too hot in the summer?

Too cold in the winter?

Find out more about our innovative thermal roofing solution and get a free quote!

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Introducing the Thermotec insulated conservatory roof designed so you can use your conservatory all year round no matter what the weather.

Have you ever been in a conservatory that’s either unbearably hot during the summer or a bit too cold in winter? Traditional glass and polycarbonate roofs are often the cause of this poor temperature regulation: allowing internal heat to escape during the colder months and heat to stifle during warmer periods due to poor insulation.

You’d be right, then, to question the integrity of traditional conservatory roofing. Thankfully, Thermotec insulated roofs solve these issues efficiently and effectively.

Thermotec roofing panels are uniquely designed to dampen outside noise penetration and energy loss. They’re crafted with t wo layers of 2mm colour-coated aluminium and a minimum of 70mm and up to 150mm of high-density insulation to ensure any noise and energy loss is significantly reduced.

It’s the practical solution that keeps the winter cold out and prevents overheating in summer.

Brown conservatory

Achieving a more comfortable space

Thermotec insulated conservatory roofs have, of course, a whole host of effective benefits:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Outside noise reduction
  • Solid roof panels eliminate unwanted light penetration, reducing sun glare on your TV and computer screens
  • Solid roof panels also ensure better privacy: no more peeping neighbours
  • Better insulation reduces moisture build-up and, as a result, can fix condensation problems


Simple installation and a nationwide service

Thermotec works with approved installation companies throughout the UK. This means a certified professional can measure, quote and install a Thermotec insulated conservatory roof wherever you are in the country.

What’s more, the Thermotec system is specifically designed to replace the glass or polycarbonate panels already in your conservatory roof, which means a quick, efficient, and low-risk tidy installation.


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