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Craig & Rose 1829


Deeply rooted in Craig & Rose heritage, the 1829 collection consists of timeless finishes such as Chalky Emulsion and Eggshell. Featuring 110 premixed colours that offer an exceptional depth of colour as well as excellent coverage that lasts.

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Craig & Rose Tester

It Starts with a Sample...

All 110 Craig & Rose 1829 Vintage Collection colours are available as sample pots. #FollowYourTrend by experimenting with a few different bold colours before commiting to your favourite look.

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Craig & Rose 1829 Chalky Emulsion in Persian Rose

Chalky Emulsion

Craig & Rose are famous for their durable Chalky Emulsion - a luxurious soft and chalky matt finish with excellent depth of colour. Chalky emulsion paints are perfect for interior walls and ceilings and are ideal for upcycling furniture when finished with a protective wax or varnish.

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Deciding your perfect colour is now even easier

Colour Patch from Craig & Rose 1829 is self-adhesive paint colour sample which allows you to effortlessly test out colour options in your own home.

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Craig & Rose 1829

Craig & Rose is one of the UK’s longest established paint manufacturers and the luxurious ‘1829 Vintage Colour Collection’ is its flagship range. Named after the year the company was founded, the luxurious 1829 collection was launched in 2000, then relaunched in 2017. It was researched using the company’s historic archives and developed to reflect its heritage. Featuring 110 vintage shades, the 1829 Vintage Colour Collection recreates colours from historical periods including Art Deco, Victorian, Renaissance and the Ancient World. All the colours come in three easy-to-maintain traditional finishes - Chalky Emulsion, Eggshell and Gloss – and the finish variations mean you can co-ordinate colours for both your walls and woodwork.

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