Electric Radiators

If you're looking for additional heating in your home, why not opt for an electric radiator? Simply plug in and go. These electric radiators are also on caster wheels, making it really easy to move them from room to room.

When the temperature plunges during the winter, a quick solution to keep yourself and your home warm is an electric radiator. Compact and efficient, our range of electric heaters can boost the temperature in your house rapidly. They’re also portable enough for you to move easily to whichever room needs warming up.

Come in from the cold and get cosy and comfortable, whether it’s with a fan or convector heater, or an oil filled radiator. Different sizes and heat outputs mean you can select one that’s ideal for the space you’re looking to heat.

Electric towel radiators are also a great choice – warming through towels for when you you’re stepping out of the bath and shower. Explore the range of electric radiator and heaters from Homebase today.