Combination Ovens

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Combination ovens are perfect when paired with built-in ovens for that additional helping hand. At Homebase you'll uncover a variety of combination ovens, including combination microwave ovens, steam ovens, compact ovens and more.
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The combination oven is an innovative mix between two classic appliances, providing space-saving functionality and excellent culinary results.

Try out a combi oven and discover the best of both worlds. The oven and grill work in the same way as any standard cooker – but with a built-in microwave oven as standard. Not only does this mean you can save space to achieve the perfect built in, streamlined kitchen – you can also combine functions for optimum results. Turn on the microwave and grill to discover a world of fast cooking times and crisp, oven-quality texture. Or combine the microwave and fan for optimum moisture control.

With a combi oven you’ll never approach cooking the same way again. Browse the collection and whip up a delicious feast every dinner time.