Kentia 27cm

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The Kentia Palm (also known as Paradise Palm) is an elegant specimen plant with arching fronds.

Soil type:
Depending on the size of your Kentia palm, using a 3-gallon container is usually sufficient for lush growth for several years. Although the palm is considered a slow-grower, if it becomes large, or too tall and top heavy, you may have re-pot into a 5-gallon container. When grown outdoors in a preferred environment, Kentia palms can grow up to 25 feet tall or taller and about half as wide. However, indoor Kentia palms usually top out around 5 or 10 feet tall. When selecting a container for potting your Kentia, just make sure it has bottom drain holes. Any type of material works well, but those made of clay will have a tendency for the soil to dry out a bit faster than pots made from plastic. If you place the draining container inside of a decorative one without bottom hole, just be sure to empty any water that drains into it after each water application. The only time you’ll need to re-pot your Kentia palm is if it’s grown too big for the present pot or has depleted all the nutrients in the container’s soil. When potting or re-potting, handle the sensitive root system very carefully and try not to damage it when removing from its present pot into the new one. Kentia palms are happiest when their root systems are not disturbed and left all alone. Just make sure you plant the Kentia is well-drained soil, the container drains and plant it no deeper than it was originally growing.

Watering instructions:
Since consistently over-watering your Kentia palm can lead to root rot and its death, it’s best to follow some type of soil check and watering schedule to produce healthy growth and alleviate potential problems. Kentia palms have a moderate tolerance to drought conditions, so it’s better to miss a watering than overdo it and create soggy soil conditions. However, the palm shows signs of problems with over-watering and under-watering as yellowing fronds that can or cannot have brown patches or tips. Checking the soil for dryness and only watering when needed usually cures the problem. Knowing when to water your Kentia palm is relatively easy: Test the soil by sticking your fingers into it and if the top 3 inches are dry, it’s time to water. Apply water until it begins running out of the container’s bottom drain holes. When it comes to what type of water to use, don’t use water that goes through a water softener because it contains too much salt. Kentia palms are sensitive to salty conditions. If your water contains an abundance of chemicals, let it set out overnight before using. You can also use rainwater or distilled water.

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Additional information
Although the Kentia is versatile and will tolerate lower light levels, a bright indirect morning sunshine location should provide enough light and intensity to sustain the plant and allow for proper care. So, generally the more indirect light the better.These palms grow pretty tall in rather small pots. When watering make sure the entire root ball is watered, and allow a least one half of the potting media to dry. Indoor temperature of 18 degrees Celsius will do but higher temperatures are still fine up to 30.
Height 160-180cm and width 60-80cm
Care instructions
Remove old foliage and foliage with brown tips if it is allowed. Keep foliage clean with Leaf shine wipes.
Colour of foliage
160 - 180cm
Planting instructions
Feed regularly with Baby Bio Houseplant Feed during growing season.
Latin name
Howea forsteriana
Eventual height
Eventual width
Pot size
Room temperature
In their native environment, Kentia palms thrive in consistently warm conditions. Its great ability to adjust to an indoor setting is one of the reasons it?s a popular, but sometimes expensive house palm. Indoors, the palm requires the same warm conditions it prefers for healthy growth as when grown outdoors in the garden. Prime indoor temperatures range between 65?F (18?C) to 85?F (29?C).
Room position
To keep the fronds producing green healthy growth, it?s necessary for the Kentia palm to receive some indoor light. However, the palm won?t tolerate a location situated in full sun, as the intense light burns the foliage. Kentia palms will tolerate lower light conditions than many palms grown indoors. Although for the palm to produce the best growth, place in a location that received bright to medium, filtered light. If you desire to place it by a south-facing window, which is generally the sunniest window, make sure to filter the light by using something like a curtain.In spring, and if you desire to let your Kentia palm soak up some of the goodness of being outdoors for a bit, make sure you situate it in a shadier location. If the outdoor light conditions are too bright, the foliage can end up burning, especially since the palm is accustom to indoor lighting.
Feeding instructions
To keep your Kentia palm producing rich green fronds and happily growing, feed it monthly throughout the growing seasons of spring through summer. Cease all fertilizer applications during fall and winter, as the palm tree is in its dormant stage and stops putting on new growth. Since the fertilizers can leave a buildup of salts in the Kentia palm?s soil, it?s best to flush the container?s soil with water every couple of months. This is as easy as taking the container outdoors and slowly running water from a hose through the soil for about five minutes. Allow the container to drain and bring the Kentia palm back indoors.
Sold in store as mixed variety code
8 liters
Also available in Colour
Smaller and bigger potsizes and more/less plants per pot
FirstKey SellingPoint
Very tough Palm (one of the hardest there is (if you treat them wel)
SecondKey SellingPoint
Air cleaner en air purifyer
ThirdKey SellingPoint
The king of the Palms
FourthKey SellingPoint
Real exotic looks
FifthKey SellingPoint
Will last for years (if you treat them well)

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