How to buy Fitted wardrobes

How to buy Fitted wardrobes

Our timeless yet stylish range allows you to create a serene and homely space – something you’ll love for years to come.

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Step 1 - Choose your look

To choose the right fitted wardrobes you need to know how you want to use your wardrobe, where in the room you want to fit it, how much space you have and the look you want to achieve.

Wardrobe look

Our wardrobes are available in two distinct styles, Front Frame Fully Fitted or Premium Carcase Fitted Look.

Front Frame Fully Fitted

The Front Frame Fully Fitted solution utilises existing walls and flooring; perfect for occupying every inch of space. Creating Floor to ceiling coverage with a completely open internal space, perfect for maximising hanging space.

Premium Carcase Fitted Look

Our Premium Carcase solution contains a collection of individual wardrobes. This style offers a more conventional storage solution by dividing up your wardrobe space, whilst still delivering a fully fitted look.

Wardrobe fitting

Identify your space. Our wardrobes are designed to fit room corners, alcoves or along a flat wall.

Corner fitting

Room corner

Supplied with 1 x end panel and 1 x scribing panel.

Alcove Fitting


Supplied with 2 x scribing panel.

Middle of the wall fitting

Middle of the wall

Supplied with 2 x end panels.

Wardrobe Size / Doors

Our fitted wardrobes are available in sizes ranging from one to six doors. Room corner and alcove wardrobes are supplied with scribing panels that can be cut to size allowing your wardrobes to fit into different sized gaps

Doors Room corner Alcove Wall
1 min 468mm - max 718mm min 450mm - max 700mm width 486mm
2 min 918mm - max 1168mm min 900mm - max 1150mm width 936mm
3 min 1368mm - max 1618mm min 1350mm - max 1600mm width 1386mm
4 min 1818mm - max 2068mm min 1800mm - max 2050mm width 1836mm
5 min 2268mm - max 2518mm min 2250mm - max 2500mm width 2286mm
6 min 2718mm - max 2968mm min 2700mm - max 2950mm width 2736mm

Wardrobe colour

Whichever look you decide, our fitted wardrobes are available in a variety of colours and finishes.

Soft Grey

Soft grey - Matt

Soft Ivory

Soft Ivory - Matt


Teal - Matt


Oak - Matt


Charcoal - Matt

Poliched White

Polished White - Gloss

Polished Grey

Polished Grey - Gloss

Polished Ivory

Polished Ivory - Gloss

Step 2 - Choose your handles

Complete your wardrobes look by adding handles that compliment your chosen style. Our handles come in a variety of styles so you can be sure to find one that suits yours.

Step 3 - Choose your internal accessories

All our fitted wardrobes are supplied with one hat shelf and one hanging rail as standard. But to make the most of your wardrobe space a selection of internal accessories are available. From internal drawers, shelves and hanging rails, by combining the accessories you can create a storage solution to truly suit your needs.

Internal Accessories

Step 4 - Complete your room

Complete your look by adding matching furniture. Chest of drawers, Cupboards, bedside tables and modular wardrobes are all available in the same range of colours as our fitted wardrobes. Allowing you to create a full bedroom suite.

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