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Pink office with black mesh memo board

How to Create a Unique Home Office Feature Wall

Now more than ever it can be hard to feel motivated at work, particularly when your office also happens to be your bedroom, kitchen or spare room. Designing your own unique feature wall for your home office can help to boost productivity and inspire focus. Whether you have a whole room or a small corner, we have come up with a few ideas to help turn a blank space into something visually striking, that sparks joy for you on a daily basis!

Hexagonal oak and white wall shelves covered with house plants

Add a touch of greenery

Plants do much more than just look pretty; greenery (real or fake) can help to increase productivity and make you feel calmer whilst you’re at work. Placed on top of a few easy to install floating shelves, you can bring the outside in with some colourful succulents or cacti. As well as being visually appealing, spider plants are known for helping to clean the surrounding air of pollutants. Nevertheless, if you want an eco-feel without the upkeep, we also have a range of artificial plants available.

Splash of colour

Searching for an easy way to ensure your office isn’t a total snooze and really makes a statement? Paint on a few coats of Dulux Feature Wall in a bold shade or choose from our selection of wallpapers to truly transform your home office. If you are feeling stressed, try something blue, as research has demonstrated that this colour has a calming effect.

pink paint cans on a dust sheet
Black mesh memo board with hooks, hanging pictures and other items against a pink wall

A gallery wall

To create something unique and personal, a gallery wall is the perfect way to celebrate what has sentimental value to you. Whether it’s photos of your nearest and dearest or a selection of your favourite prints, an assortment of photo frames can help to create a Pinterest-worthy display. Using different colours and styles of frames, as well as adding other features such as a wall mirror or wall light, will make your space even more interesting!

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